Why Doesn't Apple Make iPhones With Better Battery Life?

extend iphone battery life

Smartphone technology is in a state of constant improvement. Not only do they offer the opportunity to take near professional-level photos, they include state-of-the-art security technology, and are faster than most personal computers from just a few years ago.

But it's not all good, man.

Despite many advances in smartphone technology, battery life remains a major concern for most users. According to TheNextWeb.Com, the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro will have much more battery life than its predecessors: but will this actually solve the problem?

Why the iPhone Battery Doesn't Last Long

The iPhone is well known for having many high-quality features such as a robust and streamlined design, excellent screen clarity, and incredible camera quality. Unfortunately, the one thing the iPhone consistently lacks is a reliable battery, particularly when compared to other phones. Below, we discuss the reasons why the iPhone's battery life hasn't seen much improvement over the last few years.

New Features Mean Less Battery Life

iPhone new features consume more power

Each new iPhone and software update results in several new features in the course of a year. Updates include camera and processor upgrades, as well as improvements to the software, screen, and FaceID features, but few consider that these new features also consume more energy. Faster processors demand more from batteries, as do camera upgrades, larger screens, and always-on features, such as Siri and FaceID.

Sleeker Phone, Smaller Battery

small iphone battery

It is no secret that Apple has a fondness for slim designs. Today's iPhones are much thinner than previous models, making them more convenient from a portability perspective; however, the downside is that there is little space for a larger battery.

Larger iPhones such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max offer the user a few extra hours of battery life over the regular iPhone 11 Pro, but the more powerful screen also consumes far more battery.

The "All-Day Battery”

iphone batter for all day life

Apple has never aimed to develop a battery that will last several days, but rather have a phone that only needs to be charged at the end of the day.

Although a new phone is designed to give the user a full day of battery, its life begins to decline almost instantly. Apple offers an ‘all-day’ battery guarantee, but this really only applies to new iPhones.

Why Doesn’t Apple Make Bigger Batteries?

Apple could make a slightly larger phone that includes a battery that would last longer than a day. So why don’t they?

First reason: no incentive

To design a larger device, Apple would need to sacrifice the time and money they spend on improving features that actually sell phones.

Second reason: current charging technologies are likely to change

over-the-air wireless charging cross-distance wireless charging

As wireless charging improves and over-the-air charging becomes a reality, the need for a battery that lasts longer than a single day will become obsolete: phones will be charged wirelessly and automatically throughout the day.

5 Tips to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

Turn off Siri, AirDrop, and iCloud

turn off always-on features on iphone disable hey siri

Siri, AirDrop, and iCloud are three ‘always-on’ iPhone features that will quickly drain your battery. What many iPhone users don’t know is that these functions can be turned off easily in the Settings app; however, if you rely on iCloud to back up your iPhone or other Apple products, you may want to reconsider.

Don't Kill Apps in the Background

keep background apps running on iPhone

One of the most common iPhone myths is that closing apps after you're done with them improves your phone's performance and saves battery life. In fact, it does the opposite.

The iPhone is designed to allow apps to stay open in the background without consuming any battery. When you close apps on your phone instead of allowing them to remain idle, you force the app to restart every time you use it, which requires more energy.

Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

use static wallpaper to save power

Dynamic and parallax backgrounds are effects that change depending on how you hold and move your phone. Though oftentimes strikingly beautiful, this feature absolutely drains your juice. Using a beautiful, yet static background will save battery life over time.

Take Advantage of Battery Health

iphone battery health service

After a series of battery throttling controversies for Apple, a few features have been added that allow users to monitor the health of their batteries. This helps to determine which apps use the most power, battery age, and performance.

Get a Power Bank

portable phone charger power bank

The simplest method for improving the battery life of your battery is to purchase a power bank.

Power banks have a few drawbacks: it's easy to forget to charge them, resulting in no power when you need them most. Many are also bulky, taking up a lot of space in your life.

Fortunately, PITAKA offers a solution:

The MagEZ Juice

The MagEZ Juice is a magnetic wireless charger that removes the need for cables and bulky power banks. The MagEZ Juice magnetically attaches to the back of your phone using a MagEZ Case to provide additional charge throughout the day. With its unique grab and go technology, the magnetic power bank can be removed from the stand to travel with you, easily sliding into your pocket.

Battery life is important. If you're looking for an effective, convenient way to improve the battery life of your smartphone, follow the tips above and consider picking up a MagEZ Juice today!

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