Apple Leads The Trend One More Time: No More 5W Charger In iPhone 12

If you have been following the latest iPhone 12 rumors, you probably heard that Apple might not include the 5W charger that has come with every iPhone for the last several years. The 5W charger is the charging cable and power adapter you get with a new iPhone, as it is a standard accessory, similar to headphones.

For most, this is probably extremely frustrating, as it is yet another component, in a series of items that Apple plans to eliminate. You might wonder if Apple really would get rid of the in-box charger since it sounds absurd, but the most you consider it, the more credible it seems.

Can Apple Really Ditch the 5W charger?

Based on discussions around the web, it seems entirely plausible that the iPhone 12 will ship without the 5W charger, and here are some reasons why:

To Lower Costs

Apple has long been making moves to lower the cost of the iPhone. Shrinking the size of the box is one of the big moves. Apple has explained why years ago. Smaller box means less space needed to transport tons of iPhones every year. 

iPhone 12 has smaller box to lower costs

Although the iPhone is still pricey compared to most Android phones, Apple aims to lower its price, and removing the 5W charger may help with this, despite that the iPhone 12 could be pricier than iPhone 11 with 5G connectivity. Not only the accessories in the box cost less, shipping will be less expensive too.

AirPower's Revival…?

Airpower wireless charging mat

We have previously discussed the rumors that Apple is reviving AirPower, the abandoned multi-device wireless charging mat. If the project's restoration is accurate, this could be part of Apple's motivation for removing the 5W charger from the iPhone 12.

Whether AirPower can be revived or not, Apple's move towards wireless chargers is a clear indicator that the charging cable and adapter is something Apple is preparing to leave behind. During this transition, it's going to be important for Apple users to start investing in new types of chargers built for Apple's vision of the future.

Leaked iPhone 12 Box Design

leaked iPhone 12 box design

Just over a week ago, an image was leaked by Rav Avni of ConceptsiPhone, a YouTube channel that creates renderings of potential Apple products, concepts, and adverts. The image allegedly shows the box insert for the iPhone 12, which only has room for a cable, paperwork, and the new iPhone. Though this reveals that Apple will still include a charging cable, it is another indicator that Apple is looking to reduce the accessories included with future iPhones.

The Portless iPhone

portless iPhone 2021 completely wireless iPhone

Last but not least, there have been rumors for a few years now that Apple is moving towards a portless iPhone. If this is true, iPhone's won't charge with cables at all, but will solely wireless charge, just like the Apple Watch. Removing the charging cable in this year's iPhone could be a baby step towards realizing Apple's wireless future.

Do You Need Another 5W Charger?

Although we have several reasons why Apple is likely to remove the 5W charger, we haven't discussed whether this is a good thing for consumers.

So, the question is: do you really need another 5W charger?

You Already Have An iPhone Charger

iPhone 5W charger

Honestly, unless you have never purchased an iPhone, you probably don't. Most iPhone owners have a few Lightning cables and 5W power adapters lying around the home, some made by Apple and others made by third-parties. This makes an in-box charger redundant, not to mention the effects it has on the environment.

A Faster Future

fast charging iphone with 18W charger

Fast-charging is becoming the new norm. People want to be able to charge their phones in a shorter amount of time, and some phones, like the OnePlus, use fast-charging as one of their main selling points. An fast charger like the 18W charger can charge the phone up to 50% in 30 minutes.

Apple likely won't include a more expensive charger with the standard iPhone without raising the price, so removing the charger altogether will allow Apple to lower costs while also selling more fast-chargers.

Charging Cables Are Cheap

broken 5W lightning cable

Generally speaking, the 5W charging cable that's included with the iPhone just isn't very good. They are well known for fraying and breaking apart at the ends after just a few months of use, and they're expensive to replace if you buy from Apple.

However, you can easily find a thousand 5W chargers online that are a third of the price. To sum up, the cable you already have is probably just as good, if not better, than the one Apple was going to include with the iPhone 12 anyway.

What should you use if iPhone 12 comes without a charger?

If Apple does not include a 5W charger with the iPhone 12, but you still want a new one, what should you get? You can always purchase a 5W charger online for a fair price, but that's not making the best of the situation. The best option would be to replace it with something even better, like a fast wireless charger.

Wireless fast chargers

wireless fast charger for iPhone 12

With Apple shifting closer to a wireless future, adding wireless charging to its devices and removing cables, ports, and plugs, you need to go wireless if you want to keep up.

Wireless chargers come in lots of shapes and sizes, from the familiar hockey puck shape to the more sophisticated wireless charging stand. All perform equally well as chargers, giving you a safe and reliable way to charge your devices. It's mostly about finding the one that best suits your needs.

Charge your iPhone 12 with the Magnetic Wireless Fast Charger

At PITAKA, we believe firmly in a wireless future, which is why we offer a catalog of wireless charging options that work with just about every device you own. To make up for the iPhone 12's apparent lack of a 5W charger, we recommend switching to the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop.

Update 10/15: MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 is required to charge your iPhone 12 on PITAKA MagEZ series chargers.

magnetic wireless charger for iPhone 12

The MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop is a magnetic wireless charger for your nightstand, home office, or work desk. It's not only compact and sleek but uses powerful magnets to hold your phone in place, so there's no worry that your phone will accidentally fall while it's in use. The base of the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop also has a pivot point, allowing you to adjust your phone to the perfect angle for calls, texting, or even watching videos.

magnetic wireless charging stand for iPhone 12

The two most significant drawbacks of wireless charging today are that it's slower than wired charging and can heat-up your battery. That's why the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop allows you to charge your phone wirelessly while you work and with a cable when you're in a hurry. It's also capable of outputting 7.5W (for iPhone) and 10W (for Samsung) of power, which means you can charge your phone faster with the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop than with a standard iPhone charger.

magnetic wireless charging stand for iPhone 12

Additionally, it has a built-in fan that's quiet enough not to be distracting and powerful enough to keep your device cool. Combine this with fast-cooling zinc alloy, and you never have to worry about your device getting hot.


We still have a few more months before we know exactly what the iPhone 12 will look like, though all early rumors point to an iPhone that will ship without cables. To get ahead of the curve and prepare for Apple's next big change, grab a wireless charging stand like the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop.

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