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What is Aramid Fiber?

Aramid is short for ‘aromatic polyamide’ and possesses unique properties in terms of being lightweight, durable, and high resistance to the force of impact. It is a synthetic fiber, and its wide range of uses includes military and aerospace technologies, performance automotive, and bulletproof protective gear. It is soft to the touch and is molded to fit any shape and provides excellent protection for your electronic devices. PITAKA uses a series of complex processes to weave, form, and polish the aramid fiber to ensure it offers longlasting protection for your device. Aramid fibers are thinner than a human hair with a distinct yellow color that allows it to be dyed in a variety of colors. You can read more about aramid fiber in our article.

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What is so special about 600D Aramid Fiber?

PITAKA’s signature 600D aramid fiber is specially sourced and only used for premium products. 600D is extremely rare as it has a fine weave and is challenging to produce, making the products that use it even more unique.

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3D Grip™ Technology

3D Grip™ is the granular texture found on the surface of all PITAKA products, including our phone cases. A phone case should not just protect your phone, but it should also be comfortable to hold. By using a proprietary vacuum forming process, the aramid material retains some of its natural properties that feel smooth and improve grip.

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Chain-Coil™ Technology

With many other wireless charging pads on the market, it is essential to place your device on a specific spot for your phone to charge. When you are in a rush, you may set your mobile at an angle, only to discover later that your phone was never charging. To solve this problem, PITAKA designed a wireless charging pad that uses Chain-Coil™ technology. Chain-Coil™ combines multiple overlapping charging coils to enlarge the charging area. You no longer have to place your phone on one specific spot, but anywhere on the charger area.

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What is AramidCore™

AramidCore™ uses layers of aramid fiber to reinforce materials, such as wood veneers. It is placed in between the material like a sandwich and is then vacuum formed. An AramidCore™ allows the product to be thin, lightweight, and extremely strong.

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