Are You Living A ‘Complicated’ Minimalist Lifestyle?

The original definition of Minimalism was related to art, music and simplicity and nothing to do with lifestyle.  However, in the past few decades, it has come to mean something completely different and is now used to describe the way people live, quite often with very little.

“This is a very typical time. I was single. All you needed was a cup of tea, a light, and your stereo, you know that’s what I had.” - Steve Jobs

There have been and still are a lot of successful people who lead very minimalist lifestyles, Steve Jobs, is amongst these as a true visionary of minimalism.  And the Apple iPhone 7 is a classic example of the minimalist design ethos that Steve believed in and embedded within Apple itself.

What is also interesting is that it can be very beneficial.

As our lives become ever more chaotic and we are led to believe that we need to possess even more ‘stuff’ to live.  Some people are turning to the idea that ‘less is more’, the idea that having fewer things to contend with is better for you, simplifying their lifestyle and reducing the chaos.

However, with a minimalist lifestyle, quite often a person can actually gain rather than loose.  They can benefit by spending less money, having less stress, having fewer things to worry about, having more freedom, gaining more time, being environmentally friendly and even being more productive.


Depending on how you approach minimalism, you could end up being a ‘smart’ minimalist or worse a ‘complicated’ one.  And you might not even realize what is one of biggest downsides to a minimalist lifestyle, as a minimalist lifestyle generally goes against pragmatic one.

So, let me explain a little more.

Typically, if you were to search for a minimalist wallet, it would look something like this, slim and very simple.  Unfortunately though, they don’t usually hold very much and sometimes the slot for the card can become loose over time and then you risk loosing stuff.  Oh, and they really aren’t very good at looking after things such as cash, coins, keys or tech stuff like SIM cards, memory cards etc.

A typical Minimalist Wallet

So, now that you are aware of this, you need to find an alternative.  The problem is that they are all just a bit ‘too’ simple, a minimalist wallet for coins & keys, one for cash and cards, one with a zip to keep things safe etc. 

If you were to buy all of these, you will end up with a wallet collection, not one, but two or three and that is hardly minimalist is it?

money clip money grande: PITAKA money clip are designed to carry cash

And what’s worse is that the next time you need to go out, you realize that you need to carry a few more things and then you need to carry all of your minimalist wallets or dare I say it, you need to carry your old, fat, bulging, non-minimalist wallet.

All your effort to find the perfect minimalist wallet ends up being wasted.  Frustrating isn’t it!

So, now you can see what I mean when I say that you could be living a ‘complicated’ minimalist lifestyle as you end up possessing more wallets, which is anything but minimalist.

So, I hear you ask, what’s a ‘smart’ minimalist lifestyle?  What’s a ‘smart’ minimalist wallet?

For the first part, the ‘smart’ minimalist lifestyle, well that comes by trying to live life as practically as possible.  As for the second part, read on to find out more.

1. What is A ‘Smart’ Minimalist Wallet?

Fundamentally, a ‘smart’ minimalist wallet should be multifunctional.

That means that it needs to handle several functions itself whilst remaining minimalistic at all times, no matter what you want to take, wherever you go, it should be able to handle it.

But, I hear you ask, does such a wallet exist?

The short answer is, Yes!

Don’t worry, each individual layer of the PITAKA wallet is magnetically attached to the next and this keeps everything safe and sound.

Each layer has a different function and each of them plays a particular role in minimalizing your lifestyle.

#1. The Standard Cardholder


PITAKA Standard 6 Cards Wallet

The classic and convenient-carrying PITAKA standard carbon fiber cardholder wallet goes like above. It’s combined by two cover layers and two extra layers, being able to carry 6 cards at one time. And it’s the earliest minimalist wallet created by PITAKA, having won great popularity among the whole world.

Cover Layer

Cover Layers

Extra layer

Extra Layers

The cover layer is used to ensure that your card information can’t be stolen and it helps to hold the cards tightly inside the cardholder. The extra layer has two sides so that it can carry cards on both sides. And if you would hold more cards one time, just add extra layers inside the standard cardholders. Minimalist design and easy operation make it meet with large amount of users in a short time.

#2. The Box Layer:

Box layer

PITAKA Box Layer

Designing something to hold things such as coins, keys and other odd shape things, but still have easy access to them has been a challenge for wallet manufacturers for a very long time.

Look closely at the picture above, the Box Layer solves these problems simply and efficiently and enables you to put small things like keys, coins, SIM cards or disk cards all in one place.  These things are really easy to lose, but the exclusive design with a hollow ‘T’ makes things easy to get to but difficult to fall out even if you threw it upside down.

You can use it on it’s own or as part of a ‘combo’, connected with other layers (more on this later on), making it really easy to carry whatever you need.

#3. The Money Clip:

Money clip

PITAKA Money Clip

This picture is pretty self explanatory, but there are a few extra cool things about the money clip.

This money clip is for carrying bills or anything paper based such as tokens, receipts etc.   And it is really easy to remove things from the clip as well.  With its flip design, your money is safe and securely held making it hard to fall out so no need to worry.

As the world is turning cashless, people are now carrying less around with them, so several bills are probably all you need to carry and this minimalistic money clip will do just that, perfectly.

Just as I mentioned about the box layer, the money clip can be used on it’s own or it can be used in a ‘combo’ and connected with other layers.

All of the parts are designed for cards that comply with the international standard ISO/ IEC7810 ID-1 format.  Pretty much all cards are made according to this standard so you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you can use this wallet or not.

It’s light in weight, slim in profile and minimalistic in looks.  Moreover, all the parts are made of carbon fiber and enhanced with Pitaka’s Aramidcore technology, which means that this wallet will last a lifetime.

The unique design of the wallet allows you to smoothly make a payment by sliding a card easily out and back in, with just one hand.

Are you still interested?

You will be even more impressed when I show you how you can use the wallet in your daily life.  As ever, facts speak louder than words.

2. Smart Minimalist Wallet Goes with Pragmatist

Let’s see how this minimalist carbon fiber wallet can be used all-year round.

#Carry to office/ commuting

Okay, so lets do a little experiment. Take everything out that you have in your ‘commuting’ wallet and pick out the essentials.  Now, try slimming down the list to just:

A Metro card + a little cash + your house key + your main credit card.

If you need to use more than one layer of the wallet, it’s combo time, go create the perfect combo to handle everything you want to take with you.

So your minimalist-commuting wallet for the office will look like this:

minimalist-commuting wallet for the office

And of course you can adjust the add-on to satisfy your personal needs.  This way, you can be minimalist in the office.

#Carrying when outdoor biking or down the gym exercise

Before I started using this wallet, I found that it was never easy for me to find a suitable wallet to carry when I went outdoors, biking or whenever I was down the gym exercising.

It’s difficult to find a wallet that goes well with sports gear even though you probably don’t take much with you when you go to the gym, a bit of money + a house key + 1 credit card + possibly your gym card or metro card.

So this time the smart minimalist carbon fiber wallet looks like this:

minimalist carbon fiber wallet

If you do need to take two more cards, say your gym card and a metro card, adding an extra layer is simple to do.  With this minimalist wallet combo you will hardly know it’s there regardless of the sport you are doing.

#Carry to a party

When it’s party time, don’t forget, looking cool and well dressed is very important.  And the minimalist carbon fiber wallet can make all the difference.

With its one-handed smooth operation, you are sure to impress your friends and those around you.  If you have chosen to customize your wallet, people are really going to notice.

And as for what you need to carry in the wallet, well, you will probably only need just a few cards.

So, your combo minimalist party wallet will look like this:

minimalist party wallet

#Carry to a trip

Going on a trip, what do you need in your wallet for the trip?

A bit of cash + probably no more than 3 credit cards + your room cards + coins, that’s probably enough.

I have seen it where people put their passport in their bulky wallet thinking that they should keep all of their important items together.  That’s not a good idea, just in case you were to loose your wallet or worse, have it stolen. 

So leave that stuff back in the hotel room and enjoy your trip, the minimalist way.

Your combo minimalist travel wallet will look like this:

minimalist travel wallet


The Bottom Line:

Now do you see what I have been talking about?

This is the difference between the PITAKA minimalist carbon fiber wallet and other less useful minimalist wallets.

With PITAKA ’s wallet, you can keep it on you all the time, whereas, with the less useful ones, you will end up with several different types that you have to choose between and will just end up cluttering up your house.  That is hardly minimalist lifestyle is it!

If I were to say that it is the best minimalist wallet for men, wouldn’t you agree with me?

I mean seriously, it has a modular design, it’s made from high-tech material, it has a unique style, it has exceptional build quality, it has many multifunctional features and it is very minimalist.  All in all, making it a must for every man.

You know what you need to do, don’t you.  Click to own it.

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