Becoming HOT: a wallet adapts to various occasions elegantly? How could it be?

-It is also the perfect gift idea for your loved one.

We talk about wallets today.

PITAKA Carbon Cardholder: World First Carbon Card Holder Wallet

Yes, we insist that wallet is definitively an EDC that every man should give much attention. It is not just for carrying, it is part of your manner.

Well, the question is - How many wallets do you need in your wardrobe?

This will often depend on what you are doing. You may have a different wallet for different times of the year, for various occasions or events, keeping up with the latest fashion trends, etc. Alternatively, you might have been using that classic-looking leather wallet forever.

So, as you can see, some people buy lots of wallets over the years whilst others use the same wallet, for years!!

Regardless of which one you are, you can still have problems deciding on which one to use or whether your classic is fit for purpose.

Every time you go off on a beach vacation, do you really want the hassle of a bulky leather wallet in your beach shorts?  If you love the outdoors, love cycling or trekking, a bulky wallet can be really uncomfortable and dig into your legs.  Using a wallet in winter can be a big hassle, it can be painful to take off your warm gloves and pull out some cash or a card.  And every time you attend a business function or meeting, having to pull out a business card from a fat, unsightly looking wallet or similar looking wallet with the others can be quite awkward.


Many will agree, that could be pretty annoying.  So, now, I would like to introduce to you the problem solver - a carbon minimalist wallet that can also double as a unique cardholder.

#What Is This Carbon Cardholder

PITAKA Carbon Cardholder: World First Carbon Card Holder Wallet

This carbon cardholder is specially designed for cards that comply with the international standard ISO/IEC7810 ID-1 Format (Most cards in the world are made to the standard).

But what is so unique about this cardholder?

It’s made of carbon fiber and enhanced by Aramidcore technology. A standard cardholder can carry six cards along with some cash or coins.

But that’s not all, if you want to carry more, you can just add some extra layers to it.  Or if you take less than six cards, you can simply reduce the number of layers and end up with an ultra-slim profile.  It’s totally up to you. You can easily adapt to various occasions with it.

What is even more surprising is that this has a modular design and can easily be used with one hand.  As you can see from above pictures, it allows you to pay with just one hand; it really is rather cool and elegant. For the first time, we changed the way of opening wallets.

Does that sound good?  Well, let's check out how useful it can be in the different scenarios I mentioned earlier, the beach, the outdoors, in winter or when on business.

#For Beach Vacation

What is the ideal wallet for a beach vacation?  First of all it should be able to carry your cards and cash.  Secondly, it should be comfortable and not bulky.

Whenever you go on vacation, it is generally a good idea to avoid taking too much cash.  If you end up carrying a wad of bills, apart from fattening up your wallet, you will make yourself a prime target for would-be thieves.  Alternatively, if you can carry just a few cards plus little cash, things will be much easier and safer.

Of course, the best part of a beach vacation is, the beach!  Swimming, sunbathing and generally lazing away!  But, if you are wearing shorts, you certainly don’t want to have a clumsy, bulky leather wallet get in the way.

So, let's assume that we need four cards – a driving license, the hotel key card and two bank cards plus some cash.  So how do you choose a wallet that is comfortable to use, easily handles what you want to carry and is not bulky or likely to get damaged by water (unfortunately, leather ones do not like water!).

This is where the carbon cardholder comes in handy.  For our four cards and our cash, we just need to take three of the layers, which will be slimmer than 7mm. This way, the minimalist cardholder fits comfortably into your beach shorts or shirt pocket, carries all your stuff and means that you can get on with the important bit, enjoying your vacation.


#For Outdoor Rides

Suppose it's a sunny relaxing day, and you want to get outdoors, go riding, enjoy the weather or go for a picnic.  So you decide to take a bankcard and a little cash.  Which wallet will you take? Hmm, you look at what you have, only to find none of your wallets are ideal when wearing lightweight clothing, as they are all far too bulky.

The same goes for people who enjoy sports, running or riding, they find most wallets don't ‘love’ their pockets and end up being too bulky.  The only option is to put up with it and suffer.

But with the minimalist wallet, things can be different.  The slim, modular design means that you can easily enjoy the outdoors whilst it stays firmly in your pocket, no matter whether they are jeans or sports gear.  You put it into the pocket and you won't even notice it is there.

So, the answer is to use the minimalist cardholder and get on with enjoying your outdoor adventure.

#Gloves-Friendly Pay

Check the weather forecast for the next two weeks. Yes, do you get it now?.

Those times where you end up shivering in cold wind and dare not take off your winter gloves will be soon upon us.  If you think back to whenever you needed to pay for something and you needed to remove your gloves, it can be torture.  Perhaps you were brave enough to take off a warm glove to make a payment, but your hands quickly went cold.  If you have tried to pay with your gloves on, it pretty much always ends up a disaster, fumbling for the card, annoying everyone else in the queue.

How can you get away with staying warm but not fumbling to use your wallet with gloves on? Finally, you realize that there is something that can help you.

This minimalist wallet; it's a cardholder allowing you to use it easily with your thumb (even with gloves on!) and a cool one-handed move.  You can slide out or fold up your cards with ease.  Paying is easy and quick with a simple slide out and back in, all whilst staying warm.

PITAKA Carbon Cardholder2: World First Carbon Card Holder Wallet

I know you are ready to go looking for this winter trending fashion in wallets. So you shouldn't miss out on this cardholder for ‘warm pay’ in winter. Plus, it looks cooler than anything else out there as well as matching your winter coat.

#For Business Occasions

I have asked twenty of my friends the same questions before writing the blog, including ten businessmen and ten wives/ girlfriends.

"What wallets will you get for yourself or your husband/boyfriend?".

To my surprise, nineteen of them gave me the answer “a leather wallet”.  Only one of them told me he would like to choose a different one and fits his business suit. While as far as I know, he is an adventurist and a Creative Director for a listed company.

When I searched for business wallets on Google, most of the images shown, just like those below, were almost all leather wallets!  But they were bulky, some were thin, some were expensive whilst some were cheap, whether they were long or short, the thing is, they all looked very similar to each other.

One-hand Operation Cardholder: Fluent Thumb Sliding and Cool One-hand Operation

So, would it be okay to have the same kind of wallet as everybody else around? Seriously think about it, years go by, and you could end up just standing still, doing the same things every day, without any progress.

Admit it, you are lazy. Isn't there be a way to be different, to stand out from the crowds?

This minimalist carbon cardholder can be the first step to change. It is the world first, a magnetic, modular, luxury wallet.  Moreover, it's designed for those who dare to be different.

Carry this carbon cardholder, be the pioneer now.

#A Unique Gift to surprise him

So, right now, you must be itching to buy this minimalist wallet.  Well, it’s worth mentioning the brand that designed it, PITAKA.

PITAKA is devoted to producing premium quality materials accessories, including super slim 3D Grip phone cases and this minimalist carbon cardholder. Its core spirits are to bring the consumers ultimate style, essentially beauty, and minimised simplicity.

As the Thanksgiving season is just around the corner, maybe you are looking for ideas to give to your loved ones, something different, unique, special. Don’t give in to the lazy, the old-fashioned candies or chocolates. But of course, you can turn to some well-organized gift guides, for example, the rebateszone. They can usually inspire great gift ideas. What’s more important, try some different gifts, like this unique luxury carbon cardholder. It is functional and unique designed that will definitely give him a shout-out surprise.

That could be the start of something new and different.

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