Convenience Of The 4-in-1 Wireless Chargers That You May Not Know

How to keep our devices effortlessly charged up? Removing the tradition of using charging ports and cables can only be achieved by wireless charging technology. Of course, wireless charging is nothing new in 2022. You may know how wireless charging works, like MagSafe charger and Qi wireless charger. However, many wireless chargers are far from achieving the purpose of cutting the cable to simplify our life.

For years, PITAKA has been working on a solution to make our life more convenient through wireless charging, and finally, developed a 4-in-1 modular wireless charger to solve real-life problems.

MagEZ Slider – A compact multi-device wireless charger to improve your quality of life.

1. Wireless charging is the way to get rid of cable chaos.

Your boss asked for an important document but you were unable to locate it. The meeting would begin in just a few minutes, but you were still rummaging through the piles of paper and cables for the USB flash drive where you stored your presentation files. You pulled the cable up from under the desk to charge your phone but upset the coffee cup. Have you had any of these awkward moments? It could happen to anyone who works at a messy desk.

An organized work desk not only saves you time in the long run but spares you embarrassment and frustration. To keep your desk tidy, clean up the cable clutter, the curse of the modern work desk. That's where the MagEZ Slider comes into the picture. It charges your phone, Apple Watch, wireless earbuds, and a MagSafe power bank at the same time. So, all you need is one cable and one wireless charger to charge multiple devices. 

2. Wireless charging can free your hands.

Whether you're working from home or office, video conferencing is quite common these days. And laptops are a better choice to have a real-time meeting than using your cell phone. Holding your phone for a nice view during the meeting isn't hard. But if it's a two-hour long meeting (sigh!), you will get sore arms. And how could you take notes? So, you need a phone stand or a wireless  charging dock. That's right. Some wireless chargers can work as phone stands, like the MagEZ Slider.

If you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, or S22 with a MagEZ Case 2, snap your phone onto the MagEZ Slider built with MagSafe. The charger will keep your device firmly in place at the best viewing angle on your desk. Take your call or FaceTime with your colleague Mike while viewing your computer screen or taking notes. Besides, when there're notifications, you don't have to pick up your phone; just a glance at your phone screen, then you'll know whether it's an urgent or spam message.

3. You won't forget to charge your phone again with our wireless charger.

It's your girlfriend's birthday. You arrived at the office earlier than before, so you could start early and knock off at 6pm to make it to that Thai restaurant in time. You put your phone away and buried your head at those documents all day. Unfortunately, the last meeting overran by three-quarters of hours. You were late. Your girlfriend called while you were stuck in traffic. What could be worse? Your phone died before you could say you were sorry.

You won't leave with a dying phone with the MagEZ Slider 4-in-1 wireless charger.

Instead of letting your phone sit there idly, snap it onto the wireless charging stand to charge while you work. And it's not taking extra space off your desk. By the time you pick up your phone, it'll be charged up, and you are good to go. The multi-device wireless charger is designed to change your charging habit and help charge your devices effortlessly.

4. You won't forget to charge your power bank anymore with our wireless charger.

What if my phone is not half full by the time I leave the office? You might ask. Well, take a power bank with you. That's what power banks do - to let us charge on-the-go when we have limited access to power outlets outside the house. But using a power bank is not without its problems. Just like your phone, you need to constantly charge your power bank so it can do its job and last. The fact is, charging power banks is harder as they are used less frequently than smartphones.

You found your power bank after searching a bunch of drawers and happily packed it into your backpack. When you were on the bus for a week-long camping trip, you took the power bank out and connected it to your phone. Guess what? It had zero juice. I am not the only one to find it familiar, am I?

That's where the original idea of MagEZ Slider came from. The compact wireless charger is designed with a specific spot for a MagSafe power bank. When you don't use your power bank, store it in the charger, so you won't misplace it and know exactly where it is when you need it. In addition, when it sits in the charger, it's charging. In other words, your power bank is constantly charged up for your next adventure. Don't let your power bank collect dust in the drawer again.

5. Literally charge anywhere you go.

Wireless charging offers convenience that charging through a cable can't. It's not easy to move around when tangled by the cable. Wireless charging, or magnetic wireless charging, to be exact, allows you to charge anywhere you go. And when you travel, packing multiple cables and power adapters could be annoying. If you embrace wireless charging, all you need is one charger and one cable for various devices. But be careful. Not all multi-device wireless chargers are suitable for carrying around.

The MagEZ Slider is different. As one of the smallest 4-in-1 wireless chargers, you can easily slip it into your bag. Apart from its size, its modular design is another reason why the wireless charger is super portable. Slide out the MagSafe power bank to charge your mobile on-the-go. Unplug the Power Dongle for Apple Watch and take it with you, and plug it into your laptop's USB-C port to charge your watch when needed.

6. Our wireless charger offers more than convenience.

When you put other wireless chargers on your desk, everyone knows that it's a charger. However, it might not be the case with the MagEZ Slider because it looks quite different from other wireless chargers. To some extent, it's like a piece of art or decoration.

And it can even kill boredom in the office. The wireless charger has a rotary base that allows 360-degree access to all your devices with a simple spin. And when it spins, you can hear the clock ticking sound. So when you are scratching your head for an idea, the topic of your next blog post for instance, spin it. Trust me, it works better than fixing your eyes on the screen.



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