Do Protective iPhone Cases Have To Be Bulky? PITAKA Has The Answer.

Do protective iPhone cases have to be bulky? How to choose?

Without a doubt, everyone who uses a phone case wants to protect their investment. But, as we've discussed before, protection is not the only purpose of a phone case. It might be a fashion statement, a wallet, or even a handy comfort. The tricky part is, if you want more protection from a phone case, you have to compromise on other things.

Slim or Bulky Phone Cases?

There're a bewildering variety of phone cases, which for the most part, we can categorize into two types based on thickness: slim and bulky.

Typically, slim phone cases are thinner, lighter, and more suitable for daily life. Like cell phones, the slimmer a phone case is, the sleeker it looks.

Thick phone cases, by contrast, instantly bulk up your phone. Some even make your phone so heavy and large that it becomes impossible to shove it into a pocket. There's nothing sleek about them, but the extra bulk is there to protect your handset from more harm.

Each has its pros and cons. If protection comes at the top of your list, you should go for a durable case. If you're more visual, you may want to adorn your phone with a slim case. It's either protection or style.

Is it possible to have it both ways? There are so many people, including me, out there who want slim and protective cases.

A Protective Phone Case Without Bulk is Possible

Luckily, some protective phone cases look slimmer than others. PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro is one of them.

iPhone 11 protective and slim case from PITAKA

Early on, PITAKA focused on making phone cases with as little weight and thickness as possible. However, after the PITAKA team received queries about a more protective case with the same minimalist style, they accepted the challenge.

So, how do you make a slim case that also offers reliable protection? The two essential requirements are materials and design.

Is a hard material better? Aramid fiber is one of the most durable materials used to make phone cases. It's scratch-proof but doesn't work as well as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) with shock absorption. Soft materials are typically used for rugged cases, while hard materials are for minimal cases. It doesn't mean you can only use one kind of material, though.

protective iPhone 12 case with five layers of protection

PITAKA combined aramid fiber and TPU to make the original MagEZ Case Pro their most protective phone case. Aramid fiber makes sure that the case and the phone fit together seamlessly while protecting the phone from scratches and scuffs. TPU is excellent at shock-absorption, aided by microfiber and foam to protect the case if it's dropped.

As well as the materials, each external corner on the MagEZ Case Pro has a bumper that increases friction between the case and surfaces it might knock into. If you look closely, you will see the four edges on the back of the case. It's those rims that absorb part of the shock in a fall.

shock-absorption design on protective phone case for iPhone 11

These small details make a case more protective without adding any bulk. With all those layers of protection and metal plates included, the MagEZ Case Pro weighs 43g, with a thickness of approximately 2mm. Compared with most other protective cases, it has a relatively slim profile.

MagEZ Case Pro 2: Protection Evolved

Can a case be more minimal without compromising protection?

Less is more.

This is one of the main principles that the PITAKA design team follows.

When developing Case Pro 2, the team chose to make the upgraded version even more minimal and visually appealing.

Most phone cases, including the first version of MagEZ Case Pro, use a rounded-corner design. Since curves tend to feel more fluid than straight lines, they tend to be popular. While following the crowd is all well and good, it's not PITAKA's intention to play it safe. It's why we see MagEZ Case Pro 2 sporting a solid, angled-corner design that exudes minimalism.

Protective phone case for iPhone 12 with MagSafe, magnetic and slim iPhone 12 case

The grooves on the internal corners and frame offer shock resistance and increase friction between the phone and the frame protecting the device from harm.

futuristic design on iPhone 12 protective case

Another major difference is the addition of MagSafe magnets. To provide a better 'charge and carry' experience, the PITAKA design team embedded MagSafe magnets along with MagEZ metal strips. The MagEZ Case Pro 2 works just like the Apple cases with MagSafe but with more protection, while also working with the PITAKA MagEZ system.

iPhone 12 protective case with MagSafe

MagEZ Case Pro 2 is crafted from PITAKA's signature material, aramid fiber, and shock-absorbing Polycarbonate. There's a layer of microfiber protecting your phone from scratches while weakening the impact of a drop.

From back to front, from cameras to buttons, the heavy-duty case offers your new iPhone 12 military-grade protection (Military Drop Tested MIL-STD 810G 516.6) while maintaining a slim profile through its futuristic angled-corner design and minimalist look.

protective iPhone 12 case with MagSafe magnets, minimalist and futuristic design

If you're looking for a case for your iPhone 12 that gives adequate protection without extra bulk, the MagEZ Case Pro 2 is what you need.

What do you think of the new design? Is it minimalist and protective enough? Let us know your thoughts.



What do you think of the design of the MagEZ Case Pro 2? Leave your comment. We will pick one reader to send the MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12 series. Ends January 31st PST.


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  • The MagEZ Case Pro 2 looks kinda interesting but i think the edges will make the phone a lillte bit to bulki. The backside instead give the phone a different look which make it looks good again and very interesting

    • Son Ho
  • For my iPhone 12, the MagEZ cases were shortlisted. I was very impressed, but I was concerned about protecting the iPhone. In everyday life with small children and outdoor activities, this is essential. So my hope was for the Pro version and I was not disappointed. The result was a very nice solution that offers outstanding protection and at the same time is sufficiently slim and elegant. I like this technical design, especially with the corners, very much. The feel is very pleasant and the screen protector / elevation is not disturbing to me. The only thing you could think about is to make the frame a little darker or to continue the color of the edging of the aramid fiber back on the side. In conclusion, for me a very successful design – congratulations A minimalist charging station for an iPhone, AppleWatch and AirPods would be a perfect addition for me.

    • Jochen
  • I have been using these cases from my iPhone 10 through my iPhone 11 during that time it fell out of my hands numerous occasions without any effect on my iPhone it looks still new as the day I purchased it.

    • Eldon James EEldon
  • Samsung users deserve your case

    • Josep
  • I love the air case, because I don‘t like „fat“ cases…but the pro2 has a great design!

    • Patrick