Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S9? If so, this is the case for You

When Samsung released the Galaxy S9/S9+, it was very clear that the Apple iPhone X met its match, a gorgeous edge to edge glass design, the much-needed face recognition scanner and significantly improved front and rear cameras.

There is no question; the Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the most beautifully designed, intelligently engineered and very capable smartphones available today, and an equal competitor to the Apple iPhone X.

For the gadget lover, it’s always exciting to see how two smartphone giants battle it out by offering increasingly fantastic specs and performance from their respective smartphones. But, if you are switching to a Samsung S9/S9+ or you already own one, have you ever considered what would happen if you were to drop this state-of-the-art phone?

1. Why you need a phone case for your Samsung S9

If you have a phone that is largely made from plastic or metal, you can probably get away without having to use a case; it should be pretty tough and will probably survive the odd fall. However, if you are lucky enough to own a Samsung Galaxy S9, covered in luxurious glass, then there is no question about it, a case is an essential accessory to own, if you value it. But why?

1) The glass cover is just too fragile to withstand a fall, a phone case can help

Thanks to its beautiful glass design, the phone looks absolutely stunning, very elegant and very attractive, most likely one of the key reasons that chose it in the first place. It’s also very comfortable to hold, and the glass also allows the phone to charge wirelessly without any problems.

However, the beautiful glass used on the S9 is also its the weakest attribute, it can be tricky to keep clean from fingerprints, it can be scratched by those little things you keep in your pocket, and of course, it does not handle being dropped very well. To be honest, it’s heartbreaking when you see a $939 piece of technology lying smashed on the floor or ruined by tiny scratches in the glass, even though Samsung claim that they have increased the thickness and strength of the S9 glass when compared to its predecessor.

Fortunately, there is a solution; a good phone case and a screen shield can save the day and protect your beloved gadget. The only question is, how do you choose? What can you get which protects your phone and keeps it looking gorgeous, is that even possible? Well, read on and you shall see!

2) The Galaxy S9 is a slippery phone, and you need a phone case that gives it better grip

Because the Samsung S9 comes bathed in glass, it’s lovely to look at yet slippery to hold (try holding it with wet hands), and it picks up fingerprints like mad, consequently, the phone is more likely to fly out of your hand when you least expect it, and meet its end with an uncaringly hard surface.

Imagine you get out of your car on a hot day, and you grab your phone, but hold on, are your hands sweaty? Or imagine that its a summer day, you have been playing your favorite sport or jogging and you want to use your phone, but you don’t have a towel to dry your hands? Sadly, this might be the last time your S9 handset looks pristine!

“You can (and should) get a case for this phone, which is a shame. It's so pretty, and you'll have to cover it up with an ugly case.” According to another blogger represented on Forbes about his review on this phone.

2. What kind of phone case fits the Samsung S9 the best?

If you read one of my previous articles, How to choose the best case for your Samsung Galaxy S8? You will know that the best case for Samsung S8 is one that balances style with protection. The Samsung S9 is no exception; the best case needs the following features:

1) A sleek and stylish phone case that doesn’t ruin the aesthetics of the S9

When Samsung pioneered the curved glass surface, it was way ahead of the other smartphones out there, and the buttons are specially designed too. It would be such a shame to cover it all up with a clunky, plastic case, so why can’t you keep all of these features with a special case?

Sadly, most of the phone cases out there are something like this:

OK, it does look nice, but only if you don’t care about the edge lines running all the way down to the end having little consideration for the design, which kind of ruins the beauty of the curved display, don’t you think?

What about this one:

Well, frankly speaking, this rugged case gives nothing but protection; sure, it can be a good one if you do lots of outdoor activities, but otherwise it is bulky, bland and it totally ruins the original design of the phone.

Fortunately, if you don’t want to add bulk to your precious, stylish phone, there are some more elegant cases out there, for example, this one:

At this point, I’m guessing that some of you might be thinking ‘is there really a case on that phone, or have they just altered the picture with Photoshop?

Well, there is indeed a case on that phone; it’s just a very stylish one, which happens to have an extremely smooth design.

Look closely and you will see that this phone case does not detract from the curved screen or interfere with any of the buttons. Also, the 4 corners of the case, which are usually the weakest points of the Galaxy S9 body, are well protected.

This case is also super thin, ridiculously thin in fact at just 0.85mm and it weighs just 14g, which is pretty similar to a couple of sheets of paper.

2) A scratch-resistant, grippy but non-slippery phone case

This one is easy to understand, the Samsung S9 comes with a full glass frame, which is rather slippery, so you need a grippy case to stop it from slipping out of your hand.

You’ll find that many rugged phone cases meet this requirement, which is a really important one, but what you might not realize is that the super thin case I just mentioned also covers this.

It’s made from 100% aramid fibers, a high-tech luxury material for body armor, aerospace, supercars and one, which is incredibly durable. The case is coated with a hardwearing, non-slippery finish, which is very soft to touch and comfortable to hold.

3) A phone case that does not interfere with the screen protector that you might be using.

The all-glass front and back make the S9 prone to cracks and scratches, and as well as a good case, a screen protector will go a long way in ensuring that these good looks remain. But protecting the curved display of the Galaxy S9 is no easy task; you have to make sure the case does not interfere with the screen protector.

Take a look at the following picture to see what I mean:

In this concept picture for the Samsung S8 case design, you can see that the image on the right shows an orange case that interferes with the fitted screen protector, whereas the one on the left in green is designed to fit perfectly up to the screen protector and work in harmony with it.

This is also the case with the S9 design and if you do not have the right case, any screen protection you have will be significantly affected.

But, with the super thing case, there is nothing to worry about; this case is compatible with any edge-to-edge screen protector that you may find on the market.

OK, so at this point, you might be wondering about the name of the case?

It is the PITAKA MagEZ Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

If you look at this case in even more detail, you will find one the best features; it has embedded metal plates hidden within, which enables you to use it with the MagEZ Mount (Qi) car stand for S9 and charge your phone wirelessly at the same time.

As you can see from the picture, the embedded plates ensure that the case can be firmly attached to the charging stand without affecting the wireless charging capabilities of the phone.

You can check out this link to understand more about how this works.

In conclusion

No question, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is extremely stunning even if it does come with a high price. But, the all-glass front and back make the S9 prone to cracks and scratches. Therefore, it is highly recommended to find a sleek and stylish case that can keep your S9 protected while not ruining the beauty of its design.

Out of all the cases on the market, very few, if any can provide the level of protection and feel without detracting from that stunning design as the PITAKA MagEZ Case can. Incredibly thin, ultra lightweight, super soft to the touch and wirelessly charging friendly, the MagEZ Case is the only one which can do all of this and still make your phone look gorgeous.

If I haven’t convinced you about this, check out the below video by EverythingApplePro, he tests out a lot of iPhone X cases, but watch to the end and see what he selects as his favorite go-to case, yup you guessed it, the PITAKA Aramid Fiber case.

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