Get Ready For The Totally Wireless iPhone: Here's What Apple Fans Need To Do

Last December, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple will release a completely wireless iPhone by 2021. Though it may sound crazy, Kuo is infamous for being one of the most accurate Apple predictors around. In this article, we'll explore what a completely wireless iPhone will mean for consumers and how you can prepare for the future of wireless charging.

Is A Totally Wireless iPhone Possible?

It's important that we're clear on what a completely wireless iPhone actually is. A totally wireless iPhone (in theory) is an iPhone that you never have to plug in to anything. Now, today's iPhones can already function like this. With a pair of AirPods and a wireless charger, you would never need to plug anything into your iPhone.

wireless charger for AirPods and iPhone

However, the current lineup of iPhones still have a Lightning port on the bottom of the phone that can be used for listening to music, playing videos on your tv, and most commonly, charging your phone. The type of iPhone we're talking about is one that has zero ports. The only openings on the device would be the speakers.

Lightning connector

Is this possible?

We believe that this answer is an inevitable "Yes". Apple is known for simplifying their devices, removing ports and buttons as time goes on. In 2016, they removed the headphone jack from the iPhone, and in 2018 they removed the jack from the iPad Pro, moving both devices a few steps closer to being totally wireless. And though no one at Apple has confirmed that a port-less iPhone is in the works, higher-ups at the company have repeatedly stated that they believe in a completely wireless future.

How Can You Prepare For The Total Wireless iPhone?

So if a total wireless iPhone is on the way, how can you prepare for it? What are you supposed to do when your home is filled with cables that you can no longer use? The truth is that today’s iPhones are already capable of being completely cable-free. Though many consumers still use plug-in headphones and charge with cables, you can easily make the switch to wireless right now. Going cable-free will reduce the amount of clutter in your life, provide you with universal charging in your home, and best of all, prepare you for a totally wireless future.

cable-free wireless charger, Air Quad

Here are three steps that will help you prepare for this adjustment.

1. Understand How Wireless Charging Works

First, let's talk about wireless charging. How does it work, where did it come from, and how can you benefit from it?

Wireless charging works via a process known as electromagnetic induction charging. That's a fancy of saying that magnets are the secret behind wireless charging. Magnets are capable of transferring an electrical current, which is essentially the science behind wireless charging in smartphones. If you want to know more about the history and science behind wireless charging you can read about it here.

wireless charger on the desktop

2. Upgrade To A Phone With Wireless Charging

Now that you understand how wireless charging works, it's time to upgrade to a phone that is capable of using wireless charging. You may be thinking, "But shouldn't I just wait for the totally wireless iPhone before I upgrade?" There are a few reasons why we think waiting that long is a bad idea.

For one thing, the total wireless iPhone is farther away than you think. If predictions are correct, you could be waiting nearly two years or longer to get a completely wireless iPhone. And secondly, if the wireless iPhone is your first introduction to wireless headphones and charging, you aren't going to be prepared for the transition.

Having an iPhone with wireless and wired charging for a year or two before the completely wireless iPhone will give you time to buy wireless chargers, wireless charging stands, wireless headphones, and so on. You'll already be acclimated to a wireless lifestyle, which will make the unveiling of the completely wireless iPhone a less stressful event.

wireless charging stand on the desktop

3. Switch To Wireless Chargers

Once you have your new phone with wireless charging capabilities, it's time to pick up a couple of wireless chargers. Many people don't even realize that their phone is capable of wireless charging, causing them to miss out on one of the best features their phone has to offer.

Switching to a wireless charger has several benefits, first and foremost being that they are universal. No matter what phone you have, if it can charge wirelessly, it can use any Qi wireless charger. That means Apple, Samsung, and Google phone users can finally swap chargers seamlessly.

one Qi wireless charger for all Qi phones

Not only that, but wireless charging can also lengthen the lifespan of your phone's battery. Lithium batteries naturally degrade over time from the use they go through in smartphones. Things like fast charging speeds and high temperatures can both shorten the lifespan of your phone battery, forcing you to replace it sooner than you ought to. A wireless charger uses a slower charging speed, preserving your phone battery for as long as possible.

What Kind Of Wireless Charger Should You Use?

If you're looking to make the switch to a wireless charger, one that will prepare you for the transition to a totally wireless future, then you want the best of the best. That's where the Air Omni comes in.

6-in-1 wireless charger for all Apple devices

The Air Omni is a wireless charging stand that can charge all of your mobile Apple devices at once. It has a wireless charger for an iPhones/Android phone, another one for your wirelessly charging AirPods, an Apple Watch charger, a USB-C/Lightning output for your iPad or iPhone, as well as one Type C and one Type A output on the side panel. Charge all devices simultaneously can save you a lot of time for important tasks.

Switching to the Air Omni will make going wireless as simple as possible. You can use it to replace all of your existing chargers, removing the clutter on your nightstand and the wires in your life. If you want to make a seamless transition into the future, the Air Omni is the way to go.

The Future Is Wireless

We are undoubtedly moving towards a wireless future, freeing us from the tangles of this corded jungle. To prepare for the move to a total wireless iPhone, you'll need to start adopting wireless technology asap.

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