How A Phone Case with Balloon Can Float in the Air?

Phone cases are the common objects around our daily life. Have you ever thought about what kind of phone case is most suitable for your cellphone? You may be looking for the quality phone case holding in any occasion and gain you honor. Or perhaps you would like a light phone cover as you are fed up with the clumpy phone cover which is not only taking up too much space but also block the mobile phone signal, WiFi signal, GPS signal, etc.

Now take it easy, the PITAKA case is here to save you out. PITAKA is Hi-tech innovation company focus on Aramid iPhone case development and offers better service for worldwide users. The highlight of all PITAKA cover is thin & light with good protection for your smart phone. From now on, you won’t be troubled by carrying the brick-like phone case. The valuable point is, it’s practical and applied to you with lightweight body and good enough protection for mobile device.

You may wonder how lightness is PITAKA Aramid case indeed? Next I will give the comparison experiment between Aramid case and other cases made in different materials.

The lightness of these two kinds of phone case.

Light iphone 6 case

The amazing case begins to come into sight. PITAKA iPhone case with a balloon floats up in the air. While the common phone case can’t float up due to overweight.

Light Phone Case

What an interesting test! If you have interest in this, you can also give it a try. But don’t worry about that your phone cover will float away. And you will find your phone case even can’t be damn moved.

Finally I’d like to give my opinion - choose the phone case in good quality and light your life with technology. Thanks PITAKA Aramid tech for the nice combination of simple life and top technique.

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