How to Improve Your iPad and iPad Pro Battery Life?

How to Improve Your iPad and iPad Pro Battery Life?

Apple iPad models have topped the 'best-selling tablets' list for many years, and statistics imply that Apple remains the most popular tablet brand of 2020. We love iPads for many reasons: their beautiful design, powerful processors, and high-resolution screens. However, of all the features an iPad offers, its battery life is one of the most impressive.

But sometimes, your iPad drains faster than you would like - even if it lasts 10 hours, you would love to see it survive a little longer.

So since it's possible, why not try a few things to improve your iPad or iPad Pro battery life performance?


How Long Can the iPad Battery Life Last?

Like most consumer electronics, the iPad uses a lithium-ion polymer battery. It's a lightweight rechargeable battery with a flexible case. It may come in almost any desired shape, and it's a fair bit safer than the lithium-ion battery.

How long can the ipad and ipad pro battery last?

The latest generation iPad Pro 12.9 and Apple iPad Air 2020 have a battery capacity of 9720mAh (36.71Wh), while the new Apple iPad has about 8000mAh, and iPad mini 5000mAh. Generally speaking, the more capacity the battery has, the more energy you can spend, and the longer the iPad lasts. Although the iPad Pro has a larger battery than the mini, it consumes more power as well. Apple claims that all iPad models, whatever generation, have up to "10 hours of battery life to keep you going all day." But that number varies by use and configuration. Ten hours is more than enough for scrolling Twitter feeds, but you could face the risk of running out of juice by midday when you have heavier tasks.


Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your iPad's Battery

There's no low power mode on the iPad, but you can tweak your device to extend your iPad's battery life. Try a few of these suggestions and see how things improve:

1. Adjust Screen Brightness & Turn On Auto-Lock

adjust screen brightness to improve ipad battery life

Like the iPhone, if your iPad's screen is on for a long time and it's too bright, the battery percentage of your iPad will decrease quickly. So don't forget to adjust the brightness to a proper level. And turn on Auto-Lock if you don't want the screen to stay on unless you lock it.

2. Use and Store Your iPad in the Right Temperature

use your ipad in the right temperature to improve ipad battery life

The average temperature operating range for the iPad is 32° – 95° F. Heat and cold can affect battery performance and permanently damage the battery. Avoid using or storing your iPad in the sun or places where the temperature could fall out of that range. More importantly, don't charge the device when it's hot, or remove the case if it's thick or doesn't dissipate heat well. If you use a super-slim, lightweight case like the PITAKA MagEZ Case for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9, then it should be fine.

3. Keep Your iPad Updated

keep your ipad updated to improve ipad battery life

Apart from new features, the latest iOS software usually includes bug fixes that improve battery consumption, so it's always a good idea to have your device updated.

4. Use Wi-Fi instead of LTE Data

use Wi-Fi instead of LTE data to prolong ipad and ipad pro battery life

Connecting to an LTE network consumes more power, given the fact that LTE data is more powerful and has a more complex design. Whenever possible, stay connected to a Wi-Fi network to extend battery life. If it's not available, turn it off.

5. Limit Activities You Don't Need

turn off background app refresh to improve ipad battery life

There are software and settings that you can use to conserve battery life, but the more powerful the iOS device becomes, the more energy it needs. The thing is, sometimes you don't even notice that you have so many things running.

Here are some settings that you might want to check: Background App Refresh, Motion, Share iPad Analytics, Notification, Location Services, Fitness & Activity Tracking. Get rid of what you don't need or use often.


What To Do If Your iPad or iPad Pro Battery Still Drains Fast?

After implementing the tips above, your iPad's battery life will improve. However, if you still observe a severe battery level drain, there may be a deeper software issue. Try the following:

1. Restart Your iPad

Restarting your device is the easiest yet often the most useful tweak. Giving your iPad a fresh start can fix problems you often didn't know about.

2. Check Battery Usage

check the battery usage if your ipad battery drains fast

When you are using your iPad as usual, but the battery drains significantly, something is probably going wrong. You can check by going to Settings ->Battery ->Battery Usage ->Show Detailed Usage to get a clear idea about the overall power usage. You might find software that you don't use much is a big power consumer. Remove it as it could be malware.

3. Reset or Erase All Settings

reset or erase all settings if your iPad battery drains fast

Reset all means wiping out all your settings without erasing user data/media. This option could be useful when your device is experiencing a battery issue. If it doesn't solve the problem, you may go one step further – erase all content and settings. It's like restoring your iPad to factory settings, which can be painful and time-consuming, so if you don't want to start from scratch, back it up first.

If the problem still exists, book a Genius Bar appointment and have them test the battery as it may need replacing.


Enjoy Your iPad or iPad Pro All Day

An iPad can be used in many situations. It's more powerful, but it's not a patch on the iPhone when it comes to battery life. If you often find yourself in situations where your device is running out of battery, I hope the tips above will improve your iPad's battery life.


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