The Era Of The Removable Battery Is Over: Is That Good Or Bad?


Do you remember the first cell phone you purchased? You might not recall the model number, but it’s not difficult to see how different it was compared to the smartphone in your hand now. In the old days, when phones were not as “smart” as they are today, they were pretty basic, I mean you could flip or slide the phone to pick up a call and peck like a bird at those tiny buttons to text your friends, but best of all you could carry a spare battery instead of a charger when you went out.

Ever wondered why those ‘features’ disappeared?

Nowadays, most, if not all, smartphones feature one big screen for everything, which is very convenient, so much easier to interact with the phone. But they also got rid of the removable battery? Why did that disappear? It doesn’t seem a clever thing to do.

What’s the advantage of a Smartphone with a Removable Battery?

Fully Charge Your Phone in an Instant

The batteries used in most old cell phones would be around 2000mAh in capacity which didn’t last long. Which is why most phone manufacturers sold spare batteries. When your battery went flat, you would just open the back, take out the empty battery pop in a full one, and you’re good to go. No more hanging around the wall outlet until your battery is charged. Just one quick swap and you are back to a fully charged phone instantly.


Avoid Further Damage

Whether you admit it or not, most people have had dropped their phones in water. But what should they do? Once you grabbed it out of the water, you would just remove the cover and take the battery and let the phone dry out. Doing that meant that you minimized the chance of further damage being caused by the water.



Why Smartphones with removable batteries are not coming back?

Batteries Last Longer

Batteries have been upgraded to meet the demand for longer battery life as people attach more and more importance to their smartphones. Commonly, one charged battery can last 20 hours or even longer, so fewer people need to use spare batteries. However, when a battery needs to be replaced, lithium batteries are fragile and easily damaged which means that it’s not a good idea to leave the job of replacing an internal battery to inexperienced users.


Slim Phones have Become the Norm

When all phones were of a similar size and thickness, you didn’t have a choice. But, as technology has advanced, things have continued to become smaller, and now there are plenty of options available. Maybe you are a fan of slim phones, or perhaps you are just following the latest trend, as ‘slim’ seems to be related to luxury when looking at the high-end smartphones. Because of this, the removable battery design is no longer favored because it takes too much space, and no one wants a chunky smartphone anymore.


To Better Protect Your Phone

Removing the battery can indeed help dry a phone quicker if it is waterlogged, but it would be better if the phone was impervious to water. Manufacturers realized this and managed to produce water and dust-resistant phones by sealing them completely.

So, as you can now see, the days of a removable cover are over, which means replacing the battery is no longer easy without specialist tools and technical expertise. At least you don’t need to panic if you drop your iPhone 11 in water, it can survive in water 2-meters deep for at least 30 minutes.


What’s Not Cool about Non-Removable Batteries?

They Increase the Costs

What does it mean if replacing the battery can extend the life of your phone? Maybe, you will end up using the same old phone for a long time, rather than abandoning it after two or three years. Sure enough phone makers do not want to see that; they want to sell more phones.


If it’s out of warranty, the phone maker will charge you a considerable sum to replace the battery; even if they can replace the battery free of charge within warranty, the whole process usually takes a few days or weeks and living without your phone for that time is completely unacceptable.


No Extra Power

How fast does the battery drain? You glance through the pictures your friends just sent on Instagram while waiting in the long queue, watch a few cute cat videos when you decide to chill out, and you can’t help playing the latest games and so on. Suddenly you realize the battery is at 20% and you panic. You might be one of the 90% who has experienced Low Battery Anxiety and order a drink at the nearest café just to use their wall outlet.

Yes, you could do that, but it’s not the most convenient solution. Think about it, sitting there half an hour waiting for the battery to go up to 50% and getting plenty of stares from the waitresses?

Fortunately, there is a perfect alternative for spare batteries.


The Magnetic Wireless Power Bank Gives Extra Power Wherever You Go

The power bank is an alternative, but there is a bewildering choice out there. How do you choose the best one? What was good about the old ‘spare battery’ was that it was always so small and easy to carry around. But if you look at all the power banks out there, they are all pretty bulky and heavy which makes them difficult or inconvenient to use for most people.

However, there are a few smaller power banks out there and out of all of them, the MagEZ Juice gets our vote as the best one you can buy. 

Similar Capacity

The MagEZ Juice has a capacity of 2000mAh, which is about the same amount of power as the ‘old’ spare batteries you used to be able to get. Even though it’s small, it can provide up to 30% power, which is enough for emergency use until you get home or back to the office.


Magnetic and Ergonomic in Design

Magnets inside the power bank ensure that it attaches securely to the back of your phone, no need to worry about dropping it. And with its ergonomic design, it’s comfortable and easy to hold wherever you go.

You’ll Never Forget to Charge the Magnetic Power Bank

If you don’t use a power bank regularly, the problem is that you can forget to charge it and when you need it the most, it’s probably flat or if you’re lucky just half full. That won’t happen with the MagEZ Juice because it is more than just a power bank, it is also a magnetic wireless charger. When you don’t need it, just slide it into the charging stand to switch it to become a wireless charger. You dock your phone with the MagEZ Case on the power bank and your phone charges as normal.

The really clever bit is that the charging stand will charge the power bank at the same time, so, when you need to take the power bank with you, just slide up your phone and the power bank comes with you, fully charged.

Now that is Genius!

We've upgraded the power bank with more capacity and reinvented the charging base to make it more versatile and playful. Launching soon on Kickstarter. Sign up now to get the super early bird discount.

In Conclusion

The removable battery design is not coming back, that we can be sure of. It has been confined to the ‘scrapheap’ of smartphone designs by the manufacturers as we continue to demand over thinner smartphones.

But things have improved, something better is now available.

We all want our smartphones to work constantly, never to run out of power and the MagEZ Juice magnetic power bank and charging stand is the best choice you can make.


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