We Love You, Dad: Father's Day Gift Guide

We Love You, Dad: Father's Day Gift Guide

What does the word “Father” mean to you?

A wise man that guided you to be what you are today? Or a bodyguard that supported you in the good times and the bad? Or a teacher that made you fear the word “father” some of the time, or perhaps, you yourself are the Father?

No matter what the answer is, it’s an important and irreplaceable character that you can’t leave out of your life. Thus he, your father, is worthy of only the best gift on Father’s Day, for what he is and what he has done for his family.

The only question is, what do you get for the greatest father?

Cool Gifts for Dads

Dads are still little boys at heart and pop star Taylor Swift’s dad will agree. While taking a selfie after the release of her new album, her father couldn’t help hopping into the frame for a little photobombing action.

Taylor Swift with her dad

It’s cute, isn’t it?

And dads also want to be cool too, no matter how old they are.

A wallet could be a cool gift for him. Why? Well, a wallet is one of those daily essentials that every dad needs, including your dad. Not to mention how cool the wallets look. 

As the world’s first module magnetic wallet, the MagEZ Wallet series enables you to access everything inside with a quick flick, simply slide a card out when you need to pay, so much easier than some of the other more common wallets out there. It is also amazingly slim, much thinner than those ugly, bulky ones that cause health problems due to bad posture, and it looks stunning in 100% carbon fiber. And you can decide how thick the wallet should be and customize it with your dad's name or his favorite words engraved on the wallet. If your father owns an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, you might get him the MagEZ Wallet 2 Series which is MagSafe compatible.

the cool wallet for fathers

A mobile phone is another essential every dad uses. You can buy him one of those best phones or a nice and cool phone case will suffice sometimes. The Fusion Weaving MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13 has this unique design that adds color and style to his daily life. With a fashion piece like that, your dad could easily be cooler than most fathers.

Your dad is cool, and he deserves a cool gift.

Keep Your Father's Belongings Safe

Every father wants to be the hero of his children, and he has tried his best to protect them both physically and psychologically.

dad and kid

It’s not an easy job to protect those loved ones from when they are little to when they are grown up and to be honest, it doesn’t even stop there.

So you really should honor him, but how?

Well, do what you can to protect him, his belongings, and what he values.

Get him a protective phone case to protect his phone from drops and scratches. The mobile phone is an important device he needs to carry at all times so you can talk to him anytime. The MagEZ Case Pro series is the most protective phone case we've built. Durable military-grade aramid fiber, reinforced bumpers, airbags around all corners and so on make sure that your dad's phone is protected for daily use.

protective phone case for your father

If your dad happens to own an Apple Watch or iPad Pro/Air, you can also get him an Apple Watch case and iPad Pro case made from the same material and with the same sleek design and unique style.

ipad case, apple watch case

His devices or belongings are tools to keep in touch with his children, entertain himself, or do his job. Help protect his things to show your care and love.

Make Your Father's Life More Easier

dad supports his child

You may never fully understand just what he's done his entire life or sacrificed to raise the family. He works so hard to guarantee you can live a comfortable life and you have everything you need to get to where you are today.

You, in turn, should make his life more comfortable too. A massage armchair, a pair of nice and comfortable shoes, and a phone charger he can use, are thoughtful gifts. Charging his phone and other devices could be too much hassle especially when he owns multiple devices. And yes, even a small move as changing the way he used to charge his phone could bring tremendous convenience to his life.

If your father has a MagSafe iPhone or a phone with a MagSafe case, consider the MagEZ Slider, a compact wireless charging solution with a sliding MagSafe power bank, so he can literally charge his phone anywhere.

pitaka magnetic wireless charging car mount to make driving easier

If he still drives, then you can't miss our magnetic wireless charging car mount, MagEZ Mount Qi and the MagSafe compatible MagEZ Car Mount Pro. He can snap and secure his phone to the mount while driving; and moreover, when he gets off, just grab the phone full of juice and go.

the multi-device charger to charge all devices

If your father is a techie, Air Omni could be the best option. Whether he has iOS, Android or other devices, the Air Omni can handle all of them with its Lightning to Type-C toggle, USB A/C ports, and wireless charging spot for a mobile phone, wireless earbuds, and Apple Watch. It even has a hidden drawer which could be used to give him a surprise.

Reduce the Burden on Your Father

Life could be heavy sometimes, especially for fathers who have so many responsibilities to carry for many people. It would be great if you could help reduce his burden here and there.

Is he still using the time-worn bulky luggage bag that he has to carry unnecessary weight when he flies across the country to visit you or to finally visit his dream place? Well, maybe it's time to get him a new convenient suitcase.

lightweight slim phone case and carbon fiber apple watch band

You can get him the lightest minimalist phone case like the Air Case that offers grip and style but can barely feel the weight. If he uses an Apple Watch, the Carbon Fiber Watch Band could be what he's been looking for. Crafted from carbon fiber, the band is extremely lightweight to give your dad all-day comfort, and it features a minimalist style to go with his daily carry.

He already carries enough on himself. No need to carry unnecessary weight or burden in daily life.

In Conclusion

Nothing can really reward a dad for what he has done for his children or his family; it’s priceless, although showing him respect every single day is one good way. But, gifts for your father on this special day is a great way to let him know how wonderful he is and to never forget that we are thinking of him, always.

If you are going to give him a gift, hope these gift ideas can give you a hand. One of them might just be the gift he has been looking for and they are sure to make a difference in his daily life. And we're having special and limited gift boxes this Father's Day. Stay tuned!

Last but not least, here’s to all the dads of the world: We love you, Dad! Happy Father's Day!

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