We Love You, Dad: Father's Day Gift Guide

What does the word “Father” mean to you?

A wise man that guided you to be what you are today? Or a bodyguard that supported you in the good times and the bad? Or a teacher that made you fear the word “father” some of the time, or perhaps, you yourself are the Father?

No matter what the answer is, it’s an important and irreplaceable character that you can’t leave out of your life.  Thus he, your father, is worthy of only the best gift on Father’s Day, for what he is and what he has done for his family.

The only question is, what do you get for the greatest father?

1. Fathers are cool, and a unique modular carbon fiber wallet makes them even cooler.

Dads are still little boys at heart and pop star Taylor Swift’s dad will agree.  While taking a selfie after the release of her new album, her father couldn’t help hopping into the frame for a little photobombing action.

Taylor Swift with her dad

It’s cute, isn’t it?

And dads also want to be cool too, no matter how old they are.

cool dad

A wallet could be a cool gift for him.  Why? Well, a wallet is one of those daily essentials that every Dad needs, including your dad.

Get him a cool wallet and every time he uses it, he will be reminded of the love and thought you put into giving him this wonderful gift, which is also a perfect way to deepen the relationship between you both.

Not to mention how cool the wallets look. 

MagEZ Wallet and MagEZ Wallet UE

As the world’s first module magnetic wallet, perhaps the most outstanding feature is that it enables you to access everything inside with a quick flick, simply slide a card out when you need to pay, so much easier than some of the other more common wallets out there.  It is also amazingly slim, much thinner than those ugly, bulky ones that cause health problems due to bad posture, and it looks stunning in 100% carbon fiber, much better than those plain, boring ones that don’t look at all special for a gift.  Of course, he can always choose the MagEZ Wallet Aluminum, made from 100% aluminum if he prefers a metal finish instead.

MagEZ Wallet Aluminum

Remember, your dad is still a little boy at heart.

dads are still a kid at heart

Hang on, I forgot to tell about another perfect reason for choosing the PITAKA wallet as the ultimate Father day gift, the MagEZ Wallet and MagEZ Wallet UE can all be customized, which means that you can give him an exclusive and completely unique wallet.

MagEZ Wallet customization

Your Dad is special, and he deserves a special wallet.

2. Your Father gave you the strongest protection, so should you gift him the strongest protection for his phone.

Every father wants to be the hero of his children, and he has tried his best to protect them from pain, both physically and psychologically.

dad and kid

It’s not an easy job to protect those loved ones from when they are little to when they are grown up and to be honest, it doesn’t even stop there.

So you really should honor him, but how?

You can show him what it means to feel protected by getting him the strongest phone case to protect his phone from drops and scratches. Especially as it’s an important device he needs to carry at all times in case you need to speak to him and don’t live together anymore.

Take the MagEZ Case Pro, for example, the perfect phone case.

MagEZ Case Pro

Why is it perfect?

In short, it’s a rugged case, which combines scientific design, military grade materials (Aramid fiber and premium TPU), signal interference free and wireless charging friendly all whilst being aesthetically pleasing.

Check out this video to see how tough and protective it really is in this drop test video.

That should be convincing enough to prove what I just said.

You can also check the detailed introduction in Leaks: The World's Most Protective and Minimalist Phone Case is here - Are You Ready?.

If your dad is someone who loves the outdoors or drops his phone a lot, this would be the perfect case for him.  It has many unique design features including Reinforced bumper corners, Anti-Slip Side Grips, a Shock-Resistant Back Panel which enables the case to be extremely shock resistant, and it’s very comfortable to hold.

3. Boys love the complexity, while a man loves the simplicity.

Ok, so what if he wants a phone case that is slim and light while still providing the basic protection? You could go for the MagEZ Case.

MagEZ Case Pro

You can tell how thin it is just by looking at the picture.  What if I told you that it weighs only 14grams and it is just 0.65mm thick, which is pretty amazing.

Check out what Unbox Therapy, EverythingApplePro... had to say about this case in the video below!

If your dad is someone who prefers the minimalistic life, this case could be the perfect gift for him.

4. Your Father always gives you power and the MagEZ Mount Qi can provide his phone power whenever he is driving.

dad supports his child

You may never fully understand just how big an influence your dad has been throughout your life. He might guide you through the good times and the bad times, or he might have motivated you to become what you are today. 

However he did it, he gave you the power to succeed and grow and the MagEZ Mount Qi can give him the power during his every time of driving too, but how?

As a magnetic car mount, it enables your father to wirelessly charge his phone whilst driving, keeping his hands free and safe when driving, and the perfect partner to the MagEZ Case or MagEZ Case Pro which is protecting his phone.

MagEZ Mount Qi

As you can see, it has 3 different mounting bases to choose from, the suction cup, the CD slot and the car vent.  He can choose whichever one he wants and it’s very easy to set up.

In Conclusion

I know, nothing can really reward a dad for what he has done for his children or his family; it’s priceless, although showing him respect every single day is one good way.  But, Father’s Day is a great way to let him know how wonderful he is and to never forget that we are thinking of him, always.

If you are going to give him a gift, it’s definitely worth considering what I suggested, the MagEZ Wallet, MagEZ Case Pro, MagEZ Case and the MagEZ Mount Qi. One of them might just be the gift he has been looking for and they are sure to make a difference in his daily life.

Last but not least, here’s to all the dads of the world:

“Dear dads, thank you for being great Fathers. We appreciate you and the important, significant role you play in our lives.  And it is on this special day we would like to say: Happy Father’s Day!”

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