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Air Case for iPhone 13 Series

PITAKA is a pioneer of utilizing high-tech materials in conjunction with intelligent design to simplify your life. Of all the materials used within PITAKA designs, magnets are an indispensable component.

MagEZ System
MagEZ System
MagEZ System

Over these years, we have built an ecosystem based on magnets, from magnetic car mounts and magnetic wallets to magnetic power banks and magnetic iPad stands.

Through a seamless ecosystem of products, we want to offer you the convenience of magnetic connectivity, to simplify your life.

How Does the
MagEZ® 1.0 Work ?

The core of the MagEZ® 1.0 is our MagEZ Case and MagEZ Case Pro lineup. We embedded crescent metal plates in the phone cases and put magnets in various chargers and accessories, so your smartphone wrapped in our case would snap on to the chargers or accessories, removing the hassle of complex installation, unstable charging because of misalignment, etc.

MagEZ System
MagEZ System

Why Do We Build the MagEZ® 2.0 ?

We were one of the few brands out there that makes magnetic chargers and so on. Last year, Apple re-launched MagSafe, a new magnetic technology similar to our MagEZ system.

It’s true that upgrading to the MagSafe system means we will lose the proprietary MagEZ system. But we realize that MagSafe will become the dominant trend and a lot of people will embrace the MagSafe system eventually. A unified system will benefit us all, so we decide to build the MagEZ® 2.0 system based on MagSafe technology.

Air Case for iPhone 13 Series

We replace the metal plates in our magnetic cases and matching magnets in chargers and accessories with the MagSafe array magnets. Thus, our new magnetic cases only work with MagSafe chargers and accessories. Our old magnetic chargers and accessories do not have MagSafe magnets, so they are not compatible with the new MagSafe cases.

MagEZ System
MagEZ System
MagEZ System

Here’s the overall compatibility list:

MagEZ® 1.0 MagEZ® 2.0
MagEZ Mount MagEZ Mount Qi MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop MagEZ Juice MagEZ Juice 2 MagEZ Card Sleeve MagEZ Card Sleeve 2 MagEZ Wallet 2 Series MagEZ Slider MagEZ Car Mount Pro/Lite
MagEZ® 1.0 MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 series and older models
MagEZ Case for Android phones
MagEZ Case Pro for iPhone 11 Series and older models
Transition MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12 Series
MagEZ® 2.0 MagEZ Case 2 for iPhone 13 Series & Galaxy S22 Series
New MagEZ Case Pro
MagEZ Case for Airpods 3 & Airpods Pro

More Coming to
MagEZ® 2.0

Starting from the iPhone 13 cases, we are establishing a new ecosystem with the experiences we’ve had over the past few years. The new MagSafe car mount MagEZ Car Mount Pro/Lite specifically designed for iPhone 12/13 allows you to snap on and secure your phone while you drive. Our compact multi-device wireless charging solution MagEZ Slider for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and even the Galaxy S22 models (with the MagEZ Case 2), was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is live on our website. The MagEZ Battery Pack, a portable magnetic power bank, is coming soon. You can expect more and will benefit more from our new ecosystem.

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Air Case for iPhone 13 Series