New iPhone 2021 Cases

Arriving Fall, 2021

Three eye-catching cases with a minimalist aesthetic made to protect and accentuate the flawless design of your new iPhone 2021.

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New iPhone 2021 Cases

New MagEZ Case Pro

Drop-tested protection fused with minimalist style
and MagSafe compatibility.

MagEZ Case for New iPhone 2021

MagEZ Case 2

A robust, vacuum-formed case with MagSafe compatibility
that showcases your new iPhone 2021 while protecting it from
daily wear and tear. Available in five eye-catching colors.

MagEZ Case 2 for New iPhone 2021

Air Case

Incredibly thin, lightweight, and meticulously
crafted from delicate aramid fiber for a luxurious,
yet minimalist finish.

Air Case for New iPhone 2021

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