1. Why is the PITAKA case more expensive than other cases?

    Hi There! Thank you for asking.

    Most of the cases on the market are not good to touch, they often contain toxic elements and more often than not, look cheap. PITAKA's cases are made from 100% Aramid or wood/bamboo/cloth/cork with core aramid, there are all environmental friendly. With the proprietary technology, the aramid cases are so unique, With 3D Grip, these are the new definition of luxury Phone case.

  2. Is the wood case just a printed wood pattern? Or is it actually made of natural wood?

    The PITAKA wood series cases are made of natural wood, to keep the case strongest and aesthetically thin, we put a layer of Aramid fibers in the case core.

  3. When will PITAKA iPhone 7 case launch at Market?

    The PITAKA iPhone 7 case is in design now, we will be able to launch iPhone 7 case earlier than others. Please leave us your contact information (Email,Phone number)to ensure we can notice you at first time when the case launch at market.

  4. What is the difference between aramid fiber and carbon fiber ?

    Aramid is nothing like carbon fiber except looks.

    1. Carbon fiber conducts electricity, so it can and very likely will lower the sensitivity of the phones radios. However, aramid fiber is non-conductive, it will not interfere with any signal of the phone.

    2. Compared with carbon fiber, aramid fiber is more flexible and anti - impulse.

  5. PITAKA wood series cases are thinner than other wood cases in today's market, will the PITAKA wood case break easily?

    All of the PITAKA wood/bamboo series cases have a layer of aramid fiber in the case core with our patent Aramidcore technology, this ensures that the case is strong and durable with a thin structure. So, please do not worry about the case strong protection.

  6. PITAKA Aramid series cases are very beautiful and luxurious, however, comparing with PITAKA wood series, the models are limited, when will PITAKA team launch more style/model choice of Aramid series ?

    Good question ! PITAKA have a professional R&D team. We are now developing more textile styles for the Aramid series which are unique in the world. Please leave us your contact info, once the new Aramid styles become available, we will contact you. Thank you !

  7. Is it easy broken if accidentally dropped from a high level ?

    We carry out a significant number of drop tests and the results show that PITAKA Aramids case offer enough protection in your daily life.

  8. What is the surface texture of PITAKA Aramid case?

    It is smooth, like velvet with a 3D Grip.

  9. Is PITAKA Aramid case lightweight and slim? Is it easily broken?

    PITAKA Aramid series cases are only 0.6mm and 10g-12g. The case is made of 100% aramid material which is 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight. So it won't be easy to be broken. Please rest assured about that. The case is strong and robust enough to provide solid protection for your phone in daily life.

  10. Will PITAKA case interfere with my phone's signal reception?

    No, it will not block your GPS, Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

  11. Does PITAKA case (4.7 Inch) fit iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s ?

    The 4.7 Inch case is compatible with both iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. The 5.5 Inch case is compatible with both iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus.

  12. Will PITAKA case become fragile because of it's ultra-thin design?

    Aramid is a ‘kind' of bullet-proof material, it gives the case very solid protection. In addition, the included free tempered screen protector will give your phone an extra protection. The case provides entire protection for your phone.

  13. Can I still recharge the phone when wearing PITAKA case?

    Yes, definitely. The PITAKA case has an open button and ports design for easy access.

  14. Will the phone get very hot when wearing this case?

    No, this case is very good in handling heat dissipation, rest assured that your phone will stay cool, both in look and temperature.

  15. Is photo function still available when wearing the case?

    Yes, the camera lens is not affected by the case.