How to request a refund if I decided to give up the MagEZ Dock?

We are sorry to know you would like to leave halfway when we are making all the efforts on MagEZ Dock production. Anyway, we still appreciate your nice support during the campaign and happy to have you witness the MagEZ Dock campaign success.

Follow below steps to process your refund request;

1, Contact us at with your 1) Backer Email 2) Backer Number 3) Backer Name.

2, After receiving and confirming your request, we will issue an 85% refund of your payment. (The amount we received after Kickstarter and bank charged the commission.)

3, The refund will be processed on Kickstarter and will automatically go back to the original payment way.

Terms and Rules:
1, All canceled pledge can never be restored.
2, All refund will be 85% of the payment since Kickstarter and Bank have taken a total of 15% commission.

* Once a refund request is submitted, it's deemed that you agree with the above mentioned rules and policies.

Best Regards,