5 Ways Wireless Charging Can Improve Work Performance

It's 2 pm at the office, and your phone is at 3% battery. A notification appears- it's your mom's birthday. You forgot to call.

Panic sets in, sweat pours over your brow. You start clawing through your bag, searching for a cable. But alas, you forgot it at home. Again. You run to Greg and ask to borrow his, but he already lent it to Craig. And Craig just left for lunch.

You check your phone again: 2%. 1%.

Then, nothing.

Phone running out of battery

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Tired Of Charging Your Phone At Work?

So are we. As if having your phone die while you're at work isn't frustrating enough, you then have to snoop around the office trying to find a place to plug in. And that's only if you remembered to bring your charging cable.

Without your charging cable, which always ends up being forgotten, you turn into a pauper, asking coworkers if they have a scrap of charging cable for you to borrow. But they're already using it to charge theirs, so you move on from desk to desk, a walk of shame that's costing you productivity and dignity.

Even when you do have your charging cable with you, wall outlets can be far away, causing you to stretch cords across the room inconveniently or to leave your phone on the other side of the office. And if you decide to plug into your computer, you have to deal with terribly slow charging speeds.

Charge your phone from the computer's USB port

It's a huge hassle - but it doesn't have to be!

How A Wireless Charger Could Improve Your Work Performance

Making the switch from wired to wireless charging could be the solution to your workplace woes. Wireless chargers are the future of charging, offering a much more convenient solution. All you have to do is purchase a wireless charging mat, leave it at your desk, and tada! Your phone will always be charged up while you're at work.

A wireless charger on the desk


To understand just how great wireless charging really is, you first have to understand how it works.

How Does Wireless Charging Work?

The majority of smartphones (and other mobile devices) have built-in wireless charging features. This is made possible by electromagnetic induction, which is the process of transferring electricity over a magnetic field.

Underneath the back of your wirelessly charging phone (or other mobile devices, like AirPods) is an electromagnetic receiver. When this receiver comes into contact with an electromagnetic charger, the two form an overlapping magnetic field and transfer electricity to one another.

Wireless charging coil

Though it may sound like a complicated process, it's the simplest method for charging your devices available. All it requires is for you to set your device on the charger, and immediately it starts charging. Simple, fast, and powerful.

The Benefits Of Wireless Charging At The Office


Air Quad, 4 in 1 wireless charger

One of the most significant benefits of wireless charging is in the name - it's wireless! Every mobile device (aside from the Apple Watch) uses the same type of wireless charger, so there's no need to carry multiple cables.

Instead, all you need is one wireless charging pad. No more cables strewn across the office, no more plugging and unplugging your device, and no more forgetting your charger at home. You can leave your wireless charger plugged in at the office all the time, so it's always there when you need it.


Your wireless charger can also serve as an office desk organizer. Rather than having several things plugged into the wall at once, cables scattered across your desk, you have just one manageable device with a much smaller footprint.

Best of all, you can get a multi-device wireless charger that allows you to charge all of your devices at once. That way, not only are you saving space by getting rid of messy cables, you're also keeping all of your devices charged and condensed to a single area.


Charging your phone at office

Another benefit of wireless charging that many people overlook is that it's much more secure than using a traditional cable charger, both for you and your device.

First, it protects your device from being directly exposed to the electrical connectors of the wall outlet. A direct connection like this means that any spike in electricity (common during thunderstorms) can kill your battery and fry your device.

Second, it protects you by keeping your phone safe from being tampered with. In high-traffic areas (like an office space) people can place hidden devices on wall outlets that breach your phone's security when you plug it into the wall. A wireless charger gives you the ability to charge your phone with complete peace of mind.


Focus on work

You don't need us to tell you that when you're rummaging through your bag, hunting for a wall outlet, or asking coworkers to borrow a cable, that you aren't focused on your work.

Having a wireless charger nearby will put your worries about missed calls and notifications to rest. You'll be able to stay connected to the digital world and the real world.


Wireless charge can improve work productivity

Photo by Andreas Klassen on Unsplash

Whether you're an employee or an employer, adding wireless chargers to the office is one of the best ways to improve workplace productivity. By placing them around the office, you and your coworkers can keep your devices connected without a second thought.

This allows you to spend that second thought on finishing your assignments, attending meetings, and making each day a productive one. Get rid of the hassle of cable chargers and boost your productivity by going wireless.

The Best Wireless Charger For The Workplace: The PITAKA Air Omni

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You can wirelessly charge the any Qi standard smartphones. And the convertible USB-C/Lightning connector, plus extra USB-C/A ports allow you to charge many other devices.

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