So, You Think You Are A Minimalist? Well, You Might Not Be!

It’s a fine Sunday afternoon. Anthony, your colleague and one of your best friends, invites you to his party to celebrate his success at becoming a minimalist after so many years of trying. You are excited to see what his house has become since your last visit. At first sight, everything seems neat and tidy, nothing looks out of place and it feels brighter and more spacious than before. Later that evening, you ask Anthony for a charger to charge your phone. He opens a drawer in his desk and begins to rummage through a pile of cables and power plugs and that is the moment when you realize that he is just pretending to be a minimalist.

mess of cables

Ok, so you’ve probably heard of minimalism but, what actually is it?

Do you think you are a minimalist? I hate to disappoint, but you may be wrong in thinking that.

1. What is minimalism?

An art, a design code or a philosophy?

Minimalism, not confined to art or design, is a philosophy that minimalists believe in and practice. They pursue a minimalistic lifestyle and avoid anything that goes against the code.

Everyone can be a minimalist?

So, to become a minimalist you have to discard a lot of things including your car, your fancy clothes and your television. Give up the party life, no more entertainment and no comedy. You could just follow Henry David Thoreau, and end up living in a small house secluded from the outside world…

Just kidding! You may get the wrong idea of what a minimalistic life is from the word “minimal” or “minimalism” but, a minimalist doesn’t necessarily have to be a hermit. You can be a minimalist and still have a successful career, flying all over the world on business trips, or you could be a freelancer, visiting places and people anywhere. There is no specific model you have to follow. You can just be you.

Is it that simple?

Well, you were saying that being a minimalist is to be yourself…Yup, seriously, it’s that simple.

But (everything before the word “but” is…), it’s not simple to know your true self. Think you can’t give up your sport car? Hold on, ask yourself why you need it? Are you a racing driver? Do you need to race to get to the workplace? Maybe you just want to show off? Or perhaps you can’t give up the taste of fame? Ask again, is it fame that you want the most in your life? No (I hope your answer is negative)!

Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay 

So, can you live with only the things you actually need? If you want to become a minimalist, it means you intentionally take the challenge to live a life without excess.

What good does it do for you? If you get rid of the unnecessary things in your life, you have more time, space and energy to focus on the important things. There are probably lots of things that you own but don’t actually need, perhaps they were in the sales or you were seduced by the sale person, maybe you received them from friends or charity. If you think about it, you’ll probably admit, you can live with less in your life. Minimalism will free you from a predicament, it will simplify your life and enable you to achieve the ultimate goal.

Sounds complicated? Well, the simple thing is to always ask yourself: Do I need it? Why do I need it? Just be honest with yourself.

Do you still think you are a minimalist?

2. Why you are not a true minimalist?

If I dress like Zuckerberg

Even if you dress like Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, you are not 100% a minimalist. The amount to which you are a minimalist is not determined just by what you wear. Have you ever seen someone who puts on a T-shirt with the same pattern day after day? It’s not about the look (although that might be a bit relevant), it’s all about the concept behind it. They want to save time and energy for more important things instead of spending minutes or even hours every day deciding what to wear.

Minimalist wardrobe


How Anthony is not a true minimalist?

When you just think of discarding old things, keeping everything simple to become a minimalist, you just look like a minimalist, and you could end up as another Anthony. He tried so hard to become a minimalist but, he missed out. He didn’t embrace minimalism in the first place, he didn’t think like a minimalist.

Ready to be a minimalist?

Let’s do a quick test. Try to think like a minimalist. Does the sight of the tangled cables mess with your mind? Does it slow you down every time you need to charge your phone? How many important things you could have done if things were simple... If you thought of that, congrats! You are starting to intentionally embrace minimalism. But there is one thing left undone. What can you do to deal with that?

What’s the last step to becoming a minimalist?

3. Find the minimalist products you need

Amongst all the minimalistic products out there, one thing you cannot do without is a minimalistic charger for your electronics. Smartphones, iPads, Notebooks and headphones have greatly improved our life. Most people need them to run businesses, to learn new things, or even to help adhere to minimalism.

What should a minimalistic charger look like?

  • A minimalistic charger should at the very least, be wireless because wires can limit your activity and creativity.
  • It should have a minimal design that doesn’t take up too much space or upset the minimalist style of your home.
  • It should be able to charge multiple devices, so you can reduce the number of cables and power adapters.
  • Fast charging is necessary.

    Fortunately, such a charger does exist, the ultimate 6-in-1 wireless charging station—the Air Omni.

    How is it a minimalistic design?

    -Fewer possessions

    The Air Omni is a multi-device wireless charger compatible with any Qi-supported phones, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch, as well as USB-C/USB-A devices such as the Nintendo switch, Apple TV remote and so on. Only one cable is required for the Air Omni to charge up to 6 devices at the same time. No mess anymore, and more importantly it saves you time for the more important things in life. Less is more.

    -Productivity goes up

    Not only can you charge up to 6 devices simultaneously, but you can also charge whilst using your phone or iPad. The Air Omni is equipped with a foldable stand, helping you to charge devices upright, so you can keep an eye on incoming messages, weather alerts, scores or what’s playing on Spotify. You can also use it hands-free for FaceTime calls or for watching live videos on Facebook and Instagram. Besides, it supports 18W fast charging and can charge your phone up to 50% within 30 mins. Life is short. You should not wait for your device to be charged when you have more important things to do.


    -Less stress

    The 6-in-1 charger features delicately designed chain coils. This means you can simply drop your Qi-supported device and it starts charging at up to 10W speed. Life is simple, never again do you need to go looking for the exact charging spot on a so-called wireless charger.

    -The minimalist look

    Made from the premium material combination of aramid fiber & chrome-plated zinc, the Air Omni has an elegant and exotic look yet it’s simple and neat. No logo is seen from the outside or tasteless patterns. Everything is just right, naturally blending into your home.

    Don’t miss out on the ultimate minimalistic charger.

    In Conclusion

    I guess now you can tell whether or not you are a minimalist and how to truly live the minimalistic lifestyle. Basically, minimalists are happier since there are so many benefits to living minimalistic and they can create more with less. If you are not a minimalist, why not start right now. Embrace the minimalistic lifestyle, you’ll never want to go back.

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