A New Style in Men’s Phone Cases – Fusion Weaving™

Every man wants to look stylish. Whether he’s a top-flight professional looking to impress clients or a college student seeking to cut a figure around campus, each man puts at least some thought into the clothes he’s wearing and the kind of reaction they’ll elicit.

Luckily, there’s one very simple way to always look good as a man, and that’s by wearing a good-quality, nice-fitting suit. And once a man has a good suit under his belt, the next step is choosing the right accessories to go with it. We’re not talking about elaborate jewelry or bags, just the basics: shoes, tie, pocket square, watch, and even glasses. 

Phone Cases for Guys

But there’s one other thing you might not consider an accessory, but carry around more than any other. Your phone. And just like the suit ‘maketh the man’, you don’t want to leave home with a ‘naked’ phone, exposed to the elements. You want to ‘clothe’ it in a phone case, so it’s well-protected from potential drops and scratches.

And as a man, if you’re wearing a suit, you want to look for men’s phone cases that are sure to complement it. A cheap plastic case isn’t going to do you any favors in the style department. You want a great-looking, stylish, lightweight phone case that provides the protection you need.

Aramid Men’s Phone Cases

Aramid fiber phone cases offer every man the kind of effortless style and protection he’s looking for. Woven on a loom, just like fine suit material, then hardened, the 3D textured design complements the fabric of your suit perfectly. They also offer a naturally better grip and feel, and though five times lighter than metal, they provide five times the protection.   

And just like a simple, clean-cut black suit will always be in style, so aramid fiber cases will be too. The standard weaving process for aramid fibers allows for a maximum of two colors and a single weaving style, creating a consistent look that’s as recognizable as it is tasteful

Fusion Weaving iPhone Cases for Men

But, in the same way that men don’t want to be limited to just one suit style, at PITAKA, we didn’t want to be limited just to the standard aramid fiber weaving process. We wanted to take aramid fiber phone cases in a brand-new style direction.

fusion weaving by pitaka

So, we developed our revolutionary new Fusion Weaving technology for the perfect iPhone cases for men. By incorporating multiple threads and styles on the weaving loom, we produced the world’s first multi-colored, multi-styled aramid fiber phone cases from one piece of fabric. 

With four new designs in total, Fusion Weaving cases are the ideal way to add that extra touch of style, just like those all-important details that go into making a great suit.

Let’s take a look at four different takes on the classic suit and how the same design elements can be seen in our new Fusion Weaving phone cases for guys, made for iPhone 12 and 13 and available as MagSafe compatible or in super-lightweight form.

1. The Pinstripe Suit

A man in a pinstripe suit

Even the simplest things can add a perfect touch of style. And here, it’s all about the stripe. Pinstripe suits have been in and out of fashion since the 1920s and they’re now a staple for any man looking to up his style game.

Ideal for the workplace or a night out, there’s no better way to cut a classic look while standing out in the subtlest, most self-assured way. Trying too hard is never a good look and pinstripes exude a professional, clean-cut charm that bears all the hallmarks of ‘less is more’.

You can find this same self-assured simplicity on our new Fusion Weaving case, Sonata.

fusion weaving cases for iPhone 13 series from pitaka

With two simple stripes woven vertically down the center-left of the phone case, Sonata says a lot in just a few perfectly chosen words. The stitched design on Sonata adds a feel of authenticity and assertion, and fits just about any situation, making it the simplest way to make a bold statement.

2. The Tweed Suit

A man in a tweed suit

Stripes are great, but any man who wants to give off a true sense of down-to-earth authenticity has to go a step further. To meet all the challenges life throws at you, you need a suit that is versatile and up to any task.

Originally a mainstay among the British upper classes with their penchant for the outdoor lifestyle, tweed suits have been around for centuries and have gradually become part of the suit lexicon for every man.

Formal enough for the most top-class occasions and rugged enough to make it through a survival weekend in the woods, there’s probably no more versatile suit, signaling a wearer who is just as comfortable in striking business deals as he is excelling on the sports field.

You can find this same versatile nature mirrored brilliantly in our next Fusion Weaving design, Overture.

fusion weaving cases for iPhone 13 series from pitaka

The yellow waves of thread flow out over the left side of the case, juxtaposed with the black via two subtly dark red vertical threads. It has a double identity, just like a tweed suit. On the one hand, clean, professional, and classy, on the other hand, ready and raring for adventure.  

3. In Full Color

When most people think of a suit, they automatically think of professionalism, class, and formality. And while a good suit will always provide this look, it can also convey a myriad of other possibilities, such as energy, joie de vivre, and eclecticism.

This is where color steps in as the driving force. Rather than choosing a standard black or gray suit, you can opt for blue, green, gold, literally any color you feel you have the confidence to pull off.

But it doesn’t stop there. By adding extra color via accessories, such as a differently colored tie, pocket square, or shoes, you can achieve a symphony of color and truly stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this same combination of life-affirming color and sleek professionalism, we came up with our next Fusion Weaving design, Concerto.

fusion weaving cases for iPhone 13 series from pitaka

Concerto introduces a panoply of color in the most tasteful way possible. While still retaining the professionalism of black as a backdrop, the five-color threads running down the center-left side bring a bright intensity that instantly catches the eye. Blue, yellow, light brown, bright red, and dark red combine seamlessly to fit a whole host of possibilities in life.

4. Suit and Bow Tie

suit and bow tie

But sometimes color alone is not enough to stand out. For those extra-special occasions where you want to make a splash, you need to combine color with a design that’s cut from a different kind of cloth.

These are the times to rock that awesome-looking bow tie. Instantly recognizable yet so rarely worn, wearing one creates an instant sensation, letting everyone around you know you’re not afraid to think outside the box.

All of which brings us to our final Fusion Weaving design, Rhapsody, offering a style that shares that same daring approach to living beyond the conventional.

fusion weaving cases for iPhone 13 series from pitaka

Rhapsody proudly shows off its horizontal chevron design, so redolent of the bow tie form, and is brought to life in multi-colored glory, while still set against the clean, formal black background. It’s a design that’s at once happy in the mainstream, but just as prepared to veer off into new places where all the rules are thrown up in the air.

iPhone Cases for Men – Style Taken to the Next Level

As we’ve seen, despite the fact it’s just a single piece of clothing, a suit can take many forms and help a man achieve a myriad of different styles.

In just the same way, PITAKA Fusion Weaving cases weave the best of classic aramid fiber cases with a new horizon of possibilities, employing the latest weaving technology. And these phone cases for guys are available as MagSafe-compatible and in a super-lightweight form. Now’s the time to take the plunge into a new way to fuse style into your life.


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