Apple MagSafe: Is Magnetic Wireless Charging The Future?

iPhone magnetic wireless charging

As early as 2017, Apple joined the Qi Wireless Power Consortium by including wireless charging in the iPhone 8. Despite efforts to persuade consumers to move over to wireless, wired charging still dominates the market. Furthermore, there's the widespread notion that wired charging is the superior choice.

In October 2020, Apple re-introduced MagSafe, revitalized as a magnetic charger and card-carrying system for the new iPhone 12 lineup.  Although it's not the first time magnets have been combined with wireless charging,  MagSafe may finally have placed wireless charging under the spotlight.

Will magnetic wireless charging become the trend?

How Does MagSafe Magnetic Charging Work?

Many still prefer charging through a cable and power adapter coming with their iPhone. Now, however, with the power adapter missing in the thinnest iPhone box ever, some may need to spend extra on the must-have accessory. The new wireless charger from Apple could be their first choice.

Since removing the power adapter from all iPhone 12 boxes, Apple is forcing most users to purchase an accessory, whether it's the Type-C charging plug or a wireless charger.

iPhone 12 MagSafe charger

The MagSafe Charger snaps on the back of the iPhone 12 and charges at 15W. The centrally located magnet array built into the iPhone 12's chassis allows it to mount to the magnetic charging pad.

This magnetic wireless charger seems so effortless that MagSafe might be the most significant reason to buy an iPhone 12. It could also be the biggest driver for the wireless charging market.


What’s The Purpose of Magnetic Wireless Charging?

Device Positioning is Simplified

wireless charging for iPhone

One of the advantages of magnetic wireless charging is that the handset automatically aligns perfectly with the wireless pad.

Accurately pairing wireless charging components in the phone and charger is essential to make a connection. With standard wireless charging mats, it can sometimes be challenging to find the charging sweet spot. With magnetic wireless chargers, this is no longer an issue.

Hassle-free Charging

positioning problem on wireless chargers

Magnetic wireless charging can alter how you charge your phone. Whenever you put down your phone, placing it on the wireless charging pad can become second nature. You don’t have the hassle and time-suck of plugging in a cable or finding the correct spot for charging. With magnetic wireless charging, your phone charging becomes subconscious.

Magnetic Wireless Charging is More User Friendly

magnetic wireless charging stand for iPhone

One of the reasons many people have yet to adopt wireless charging is that it doesn’t allow you to use your phone while charging. Once you move your phone away from the charging pad, you break the magnetic field, and the charging stops. To charge your phone, it always needs to be on the pad.

You can use your phone with magnetic wireless chargers as usual: play a video game or chat while you juice up.

In short, magnetic wireless charging has brought wireless charging up to another level. Thanks to sheer convenience, coupled with Apple's endorsement of it, no doubt numerous wireless charging products integrating with magnets will surface soon.

What Kind Of Magnetic Wireless Charger Does Your Phone Work With?

iPhone 12

iPhone 12, released alongside the new MagSafe system, is the only smartphone currently on the market. Does this mean that the MagSafe Charger is the only wireless charger that works with your iPhone 12?

Apple iphone 12 magsafe charger

Generally speaking, magnetic wireless chargers that became before the iPhone 12 should not work with the new Apple flagship due to the placement and polarity of magnets Apple uses. At this point, MagSafe chargers from Apple and Belkin are the only ones you can attach and charge a naked iPhone 12.

MagSafe charger with iPhone 12 in the MagEZ Case

But a phone case can make a difference. Take the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12 for example. The thin aramid case with built-in metal strips can attach to various magnetic wireless chargers from PITAKA. So, if you're not a fan of the MagSafe charger but want to get the same excellent charging experience, put your iPhone 12 in a MagEZ Case. Even with the MagEZ Case, you can still snap the MagSafe Charger to your iPhone 12. 

Old-Generation iPhone Models & Other Qi-certified Smartphones

How do you mount an iPhone 11 to a magnetic wireless car charger? Don’t worry if you don’t have a magnetic phone. Magnetic phone cases are great substitutes. But mind that magnets in the charger have to be in the right position to align with the case. Usually, accessory makers will offer you matching cases or stickers to work with their specific chargers.

What Should You Look For In A Magnetic Wireless Charger?

Whether your phone is magnetic or not, you might consider what magnetic wireless charger is best for you.

What should you pay attention to when choosing a magnetic wireless charger for your phone?

Secure and Safe Attachment

phone case and magnetic wireless charger

Although the magnetic function auto-aligns your device, it should also remain secure on the charger. It should be stable, particularly for in-car charging, where you may experience bumpy roads or long journeys.

Easy to Attach & Detach

Some people who got their hands on the Apple MagSafe Charger suggested that it's a bit difficult to detach the iPhone 12 from the pad. You can't pull your phone off with one hand since the pad isn't fixed to anything stable. If you want to hold your phone while you charge, the MagSafe Charger or a magnetic wireless power bank is a good option. If you want your phone to sit firmly on a fixed charger, you need a magnetic wireless charger that sticks to your nightstand or desktop.

PITAKA magnetic wireless charger for desk top, nightstand

Even though magnetic wireless charging has been around for a while now, it still isn't widely used. Since its promotion by Apple, more and more people are likely to start using magnetic wireless charging.


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