Do you go Cased-up Or Naked? Here's why you should really use a Phone Case

Do you go Cased-up Or Naked

"Should I use a case on my smartphone?" or "is it necessary to buy a protective case?" two of the most frequently searched phrases on Google, and they will probably continue to be as long as smartphones are around.

OK, so the answer is not as simple as you might think because it has to do with personal preference, something that you can only really understand after you have used your phone for some time (and hopefully not dropped it!).

But, if it were up to me to give a suggestion up front, it would be this 'you really should get a case for your phone'.

Why? Well, let me explain with the help of an NPD survey.

Smartphone Case Study Conducted by the NPD Group

The NPD Group is a market research firm that has been studying consumer usage of electronics and other industries since 1984.

The NPD Group Smartphone Case Segmentation Study

Source: The NPD Group/Smartphone Case Segmentation Study
Base: Smartphone owners who do not use a case

As you can see from the bar chart, 25% of smartphone owners go case-less while nearly 70 percent of non-case smartphone users are Android owners. Meanwhile, case usage among iPhone owners is higher than any other phone types, up to 87%.

Besides, they also established the reasons why people do not want a phone case.

The NPD Group Smartphone Case Segmentation Study

As the chart shows, the main reservation that iPhone owners have about purchasing a case is the added bulk that comes with it. For Android owners, the majority of smartphone owners without a case simply aren't worried about dropping their phone (which in itself says something about the type of users that android phones attract).

Aside from the above, what other reasons are there as to why people choose to use or not use a case?

Arguments for and against using a phone case.

(A) Why do people choose to use a case?

Those who already use a case to protect their phone think there is no argument, it's essential, especially those with iPhones.

According to iPhone case survey posted on BusinessInsider, the analyst categorized the main reasons why iPhone case users want to have a case for their phone, in general, it's driven by either the protective nature of the case or the design.

Check out the chart below:

Survey on why do people select their phone

As you can see, the biggest inclination for a case is to protect the phone, that's the main reason why people choose a case, but a little way behind that was the desire to change the look of the phone, the design of the case being the main reason.  Following up the other reasons including the price point and then things such as making the phone more useful with wallet functionality etc.

The NPD Group's survey also identified that iPhone user are the largest group who want a case for their phone.  

Now, you may ask, why?

Well, check out CaptainJack's comments about the argument of not using a case. That will give you a good clue.

Comment on iPhones case

You can instantly see from his comments that iPhones are simply not durable enough, especially the bezel around the edge of the glass where there should be more protection.

What's more, according to another online survey, some of the iPhone case users are also interested in the long term usage, they are specifically concerned with having a single product that works well for a long time.

(B) What are the disadvantages of using a smartphone case

While many of us do, in fact, use cases, there are also those who prefer not to, since many of those cases on the market are simply not up to the task of protecting the phone (sadly, this is more common than we would like to see).

As we've already learned above, there are four particular reasons why some people do not use cases: cases add too much bulk to the phone, they prefer to feel the original design of the phone, they are not worried about dropping their phone, or cases are just too expensive.

And a few more reasons from the other survey result.

Survey by other website

Is there a way to protect your phone without a case?

OK, with so many shortcomings being found in the majority of cases on the market, is there an alternative?

Let's check out a few other ideas out there.

(A) First of all, the cell phone finger holder.
cell phone finger holder

Most of the cell phone finger rings are like this. Now, part of me thinks that this is a good thing especially when you are playing with your phone: it might reduce the chance of dropping your phone. However, your phone can still get scratched or dropped when you put it in your bag or place it on a flat surface unless you hold it in your hand all the time.

(B) Use a glass screen protector

An article posted on CO.DESIGN suggests that "the best way to protect your iPhone 6 without destroying its design" is to use a glass screen protector.

Undeniably, a screen protector can be your phone's first barrier against scratching or dropping. However, those protectors can themselves cause problems. Check out this question on AndroidCentral where people talk about the problems they have experienced with tempered glass screen protectors.

(C) Any other ways?

Now you know the answer to this question, don't you! Currently, there is no better way than using a phone case to protect your phone.

One of the best cases you can find online: the MagEZ Case

So, just looking at some of the points above, it's hard to be all things to all people and satisfy everybody. 

However, there is an answer. The PITAKA MagEZ Case.

OK, so that's the name and here are the reasons why!

(A) It's extremely thin and light, which adds no bulk to your phone

According to the chart, many people deem that a case could add too much bulk to their no-bezel phone. But what if your case comes with a 12g weight (with metal plate embedded) and a 0.65mm thickness? If that is not enough to persuade you, have at the other reasons why this is the perfect case.

Instead of using simple (and sometimes inferior) common materials such as silicone, plastic, carbon fiber, wood, etc. The MagEZ Case is made from Aramid, a material that has been used in Aerospace, Racing Vehicles and Body Armor, do you remember the test: Can a MagEZ Case with a balloon float in the air? Now you can see how light it is.

(B) It's very durable, which gives your phone all-round protection

What is the most important function when it comes to a case? Undisputedly the answer is the ability to protect your phone from any kinds of unwanted damage.

Based on its material (scratch-free, resistance to bumps or heat) and clever design, the MagEZ Case can save your phone from damage from all angles and especially the small bezel and camera lens.

PITAKA MagEZ Case has extra protective ring

As you can see, it has an extra protective ring around the camera lens, which greatly reduces the likelihood of damage to the camera lens.

(C) None color fading, high abrasive resistance, and durability.

For those who expect a long life out of their phone case, the MagEZ Case is the ideal choice as well. Since it has an extraordinary scratch resistant coating: a three-layer coating with manual polishing is applied to each phone case, which enables the case to be resistant to things like coins or keys.

MagEZ Case has scratch resistant coating
(D) 3D-grip skin makes the case very comfortable to hold.

Some people worry that the case would ruin phone's aesthetics and sadly this is more often the case than not with most cases on the market. But the MagEZ Case is a rare thing; it's very pleasing to hold, it has a non-slippery texture (added by vacuum forming), which gives the case a very comfortable touch.

What's more? The opening of the case accurately aligns to the phone body, which allows you to access to all buttons easily. In another word, the original design of the phone is completely preserved.

The opening of MagEZ Case


In Conclusion

The NPD survey shows that different people have different desires for a cell phone case. It's true that the use of the case may destroy the original design of the phone, or make it cumbersome, but it is undeniable that using a case could reduce the possibility of scratching or dropping your phone while using it. This is why 75% of mobile phone users choose to use cases.

OK, so if you have read this far and still don't want to have a cell phone case, and you are looking for a better way to protect your phone, here are some suggestions but don't say I didn't warn you!

Alternatively, if you now sense that a case is actually the right way to go and you do not want to ruin your phone, there is really only one answer, one case that will NOT "add bulk to the phone" or "ruin the phone's design", the PITAKA MagEZ Case.

By using state-of-the-art Aramid materials along with cutting-edge design and innovative technology such as 3D-grip and vacuum forming, making the case as light and thin as paper while being as durable as steel, the MagEZ Case is the perfect way to protect your phone now and for the future.

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