Top 10 Everyday Uses for Carbon Fiber

the weight of a carbon fiber is equal to a small dog

If you've read the previous post --- 15 Things You Don't Know About Carbon Fiber, you will probably have a better understanding of carbon fiber than probably 90% of those who didn't.

This awesome composite material is lighter and stronger than pretty much every metal out there and it has revolutionized both the aerospace and the space industries, not to mention countless others. Carbon fiber is not only used for things such as small component parts, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) etc, but it is now being used for entire airframe structures such as the fuselage and wings.

Sounds awesome right?

Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, carbon fiber is used in so many ways throughout your everyday life that it should really have the word 'awesome' attached to it anytime you see it. You see, IT IS AWESOME.

1. Carbon Fiber Bikes

Audi once released a limited sports racing bike in 2015, weighing only 12 pounds, that's no more than the weight of a dachshund.

There was a slight catch though; it costs $19,500, which was the price of a small car. But nonetheless, it was awesome.

The secrets of its ultra lightweight frame and high price lay in material used, carbon fiber.

It is a very common view that carbon fiber is a great material for making a high performance push bike, high tensile strength, high modules and low in weight.

Although, as I just mentioned, price does play a big part in considering the material to use and you might be thinking that a carbon fiber bike is going to cost a small fortune.

Thankfully, with the advancements in technology and the increased use of carbon fiber in so many places, the cost of it is coming down and it's becoming a lot easier to buy and ride around on a gorgeous carbon fiber bike.

So you might be thinking that motorcyclists can benefit from lots of carbon fiber too and whilst its true that there are lots of things made out of carbon fiber for a motorcycle, things are different and for good reason.

You see, the primary use of carbon fiber for a pushbike is the frame, the largest single component, followed by the wheels, as these two parts are the heaviest of all.

However, for motorcycles a carbon fiber frame is extremely rare and pretty much reserved for bikes used is racing, such as the Moto GP. The difference is, the significance of weight saving in a motorcycle carbon fiber frame is far less than weight saving in bicycle carbon fiber frames.

In cycle racing, there is a strict maximum weight limit of 14.99 pounds and it is very hard to meet this requirement without the use of carbon fiber. In contrast to this maximum weight limit, motorcycle racing has a minimum weight limit and therefore there is no real need to use carbon fiber for such things as the frame.

2. Carbon Fiber Helmet

carbon fiber helmet

Another important and essential aspect of racing is the helmet and carbon fiber has transformed this as well.

It's obvious and probably doesn't need much explanation but you need to have a helmet which is as strong as possible, light in weight, safe and comfortable, and carbon fiber solves all of these things better than any other material.

Carbon fiber helmets are undeniably cool and stylish. Some manufacturers have even gone further and made them even cooler, like the Star Wars carbon fiber helmet below.

3. Carbon Fiber Wallets


Carbon fiber wallet

Before the first carbon fiber wallet appeared on the market, few would have thought about using carbon fiber on wallets.

However, the result was awesome! Stunning to look at, great to touch and use and very, very unique.

The reasons why carbon fiber wallets are becoming so popular?

Well, firstly, those who adore carbon fiber will immediately fall in love with a carbon fiber wallet.

Secondly, the gadget hunters and tech heads love things that are unique and a carbon fiber wallet will always be different to everything else out there.

Lastly, carbon fiber wallets do lots of things so much better than the older more boring leather wallets. A carbon fiber wallet is far more durable than a leather one, it's lighter, more compact and RFID blocking, which in today's ever expanding world of contactless pay, is becoming more and more important.

The truth is, for those who carry a carbon fiber wallet, they will never fail to wow their friends and family with a cool carbon fiber wallet.

4. Carbon Fiber Pocketknife

pocket-knife made from carbon fiber

Many people carry a pocketknife wherever they go for various reasons.

For a pocketknife, it should not be too heavy or cumbersome and most manufacturers understand these two points and will often use carbon fiber.

So if you go looking for a carbon fiber pocketknife you will be amazed at the choices available to you. But before you buy one, you must consider a few areas - local laws, weight, blade length, blade shape, blade treatment/ finish, edge grind type, steel type, handle materials and design, cost, opening mechanism, retention (blade and pocket), lock type, fit & finish, and the appeal. 

Carbon fiber is used in lots of different ways and each has its benefits, some are made completely from carbon fiber whilst others will have a carbon fiber handle and a more traditional metal blade or even a metal handle and carbon fiber blade.

5. Carbon Fiber Car Parts

carbon fiber front lip spoiler, carbon fiber hood and carbon fiber rear diffuser

Cars and carbon fiber have long been best buddies. The uses are vast, from small components through to complete body shells, this material knows no boundaries when it comes to cars.

What is even better is that if you are a car enthusiast, you can find lots of different upgrade parts for your car that are made from this awesome material, you can make you car lighter, quite often, safer and better looking by changing to carbon fiber.

Today, many high-performance cars are being manufactured with large amounts of carbon fiber to reduce weight and reach the performance goals of higher top speeds, faster acceleration or increased battery life (in electric cars).

So far the most commonly seen carbon fiber parts in cars include the bonnet, roof, front lip spoilers, rear diffusers, boot spoilers and even the wheels.

6. Carbon Fiber Ring


Do you have a "black" ring?

Yes, I mean the black colored ring, the one different from your traditional silver or gold color.

Interestingly, black rings are becoming increasingly popular for men due to its unique look. And yes you've guessed it; the vast majority of black rings are made from carbon fiber along with another material such as tungsten.

A black carbon fiber ring is scratch-resistant, very trendy and quite often more affordable when compared to traditional rings made from silver or gold. There is however one problem with a carbon fiber ring, it is impossible for it to be re-sized if your circumstances were to change in the future. One good reason to have a healthy diet.

7. Carbon Fiber Phone Cases


If you've read some of my previous posts, you will know that I have talked about this particular point many times. I have even done and entire posts about why you should not have a carbon fiber phone case, so if you want to refresh yourself as to why you can go over it here.

The main reason why I keep warning people not to buy a carbon fiber phone case is simple, they will ruin your phone signal, sadly though they are still widely available. Oh well, I just hope everyone remembers this is, even though they look great, they just don't work for a phone.

8. Carbon Fiber Watch

Think about it, a watch is a status symbol, something that is constantly looked at and admired. So, to have a watch made out of carbon fiber means that you are sure to get many admiring glances from anyone who sees it.

Michael Kors Jetmaster Black Chronograph Carbon Fiber Watch

Michael Kors Jetmaster Black Chronograph Carbon Fiber Watch

Carbon fiber, especially when it used for the entire watch, shows that the watch is extremely high tech and very likely to be extremely expensive to, definitely a status symbol. These are becoming increasingly popular with tech heads, gadget lovers and gentlemen with discerning tastes.

9. Carbon Fiber Guitars

guitar made from carbon fiber materials

Several years ago, it was predicted that carbon fiber would begin to replace wood in stringed instruments and this is becoming a reality.

For guitars, carbon fiber's durability, sound, consistency, and weight make it a very attractive option, not to mention that a carbon fiber guitar looks, quite simply, awesome.

There are lots of reasons why a carbon fiber guitar is better than it's wooden counterpart.

A carbon fiber guitar is more durable and less like to scratch or crack and it can cope better with changes in temperature or humidity. It can produce a louder sound than a typical wooden guitar and it enables the manufacturer to reproduce the guitar more consistently than wood.

However, there are a few drawbacks that some might find important.

For one, a carbon fiber guitar is typically more expensive that a traditional wooden model.

The other is the sound, you see a wooden guitar can mellow over time and the sound can change as well, whereas, a carbon fiber guitar will always produce exactly the same sound as the day it was manufactured.

10. Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Chanel Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Chanel Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

Its possible that Carbon fiber sporting equipment could be top of the list for using carbon fiber. Chanel released a lot of sports equipment as part of their sports collection, one of these being a carbon fiber tennis racket.

The key factors that make up a good tennis racket are power, control and comfort. More power and comfort come from a larger tennis frame and light weight, however, more control is achieved through a heavier weight and smaller frame.

So, the manufacturer has to balance each of these factors carefully to achieve the best combination and using carbon fiber to do this gives them a significant advantage.

Carbon fiber enables them to create a racket with a higher strength, higher stiffness and lighter weight without compromising on some of the other factors. If you want to play tennis better, you should try a carbon fiber tennis racket.

In Conclusion

As you can see, carbon fiber is quite simply, AWESOME!

Think about it, this is a list of just 10 common uses for carbon fiber, yet there are millions of other places where it is also being used every day.

It is being used in so many places and in so many ways that it amazes me every time I think about it, yet in a way I am not surprised as it is part of the progress of technology.

As the cost of carbon fiber comes down and the technology and methods to manufacture it improve, we will continue to see the growth of carbon fiber into places we have yet to even dream about.

Long live carbon fiber.

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